FlightBridgeED and EZResus Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Emergency Medical Resuscitation

March 23, 2024 – FlightBridgeED, a leader in providing comprehensive, up-to-date online and live critical care education, and EZResus, your life saving resuscitation companion for critical minutes, are excited to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This alliance is set to transform the landscape of emergency medical education by integrating thepower of EZResus to navigate the complexities of resuscitation.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning “Our collaboration with EZResus signifies a new era for EMS education,” said Eric Bauer, President and CEO of FlightBridgeED. “Together, we’re committed to empowering first responders and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to save lives and improve patient outcomes.”

Innovative Solutions for Real-World Scenarios EZResus is thrilled to contribute its pioneering resuscitation application to the partnership. Jean-Francois Couture, MD, Director of Operations at EZResus, remarked, “By partnering with FlightBridgeED, we’re setting a new standard for real-world applicability in EMS training and resuscitation.”

About FlightBridgeED FlightBridgeED is renowned for its comprehensive educational offerings, including board-certified courses, podcasts, and live workshops designed specifically for pre-hospital EMS, critical care and emergency medicine professionals.

About EZResus Harness the power of EZResus to navigate the complexities of resuscitation with confidence and precision. Seamlessly designed to guide you through the crucial first hour, EZResus equips you with the tools and support you need to save lives.

For more information about the partnership, the offerings, or to enroll in upcoming courses, please visit [https://flightbridgeed.com] or [https://ezresus.com].

Contact Information: FlightBridgeED [[email protected]]

EZResus Media Contact [[email protected]]

Together, we’re elevating emergency medical education to new heights.

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