License Terms

When purchasing and enrolling in a course, FlightBridgeED® grants you a non-transferable, time-limited, non-exclusive license to view the course material and interact with certain course elements on the FlightBridgeED® website and Emerge LMS™ platform.

Loss of License

  • FlightBridgeED® may suspend a student’s course license for the following reasons (hereafter known as “Loss of License Terms”):
    • Student attempts to circumvent, in any way, course progression limitations put in place as a requirement of course accreditation.
    • Creating, reverse engineering, plagiarizing, or obtaining unlicensed copies of course materials or videos via any means with or without intent to distribute.
    • Threatening, abusive, or rude behavior directed at course-related staff members, including but not limited to customer service agents, instructors, support staff, executive staff members, and/or contractors engaged in business-related functions with FlightBridgeED®.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such an incredible community of mature, responsible providers, and it is extremely rare that a license infraction, as described above, occurs. We make every effort to ensure your satisfaction with our courses and products.

These terms are in place to ensure the continued availability of our services and the safety of the relationship created between FlightBridgeED® and you. Violations of any Loss of License Terms may result in the termination of the license and suspension of the licensed course. Loss of License Terms violations may also result in forfeiture of any license fees paid for access with no refunds granted for any reason.

Severe violations or violations that include threatening or abusive behavior may result in being completely banned from the FlightBridgeED® website, any and all FlightBridgeED® classroom-based courses, or events, and may result in legal action as deemed necessary by legal counsel. Enforcement of these terms is at the sole discretion of FlightBridgeED®.

Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) Statement

As a requirement of the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (hereafter known as “CAPCE”) accreditation, FlightBridgeED® will submit a record of your course completions to the CAPCE Accreditation Management System (hereafter known as “AMS”). Your course completion records may be accessed by or shared with such regulators as state EMS offices, training officers, and NREMT on a password-protected need-to-know basis. In addition, I understand that I may review my record of CAPCE-accredited course completions by contacting CAPCE.

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA®) Statement

This activity has been submitted to the Emergency Nurses Association (hereafter known as “ENA”) for approval to award contact hours. The ENA is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Conflicts and Disclosures Statements

The planners and presenters of this activity have no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies.

Criteria for Awarding Contact Hours for Live Courses

  • Students must attend the entire education session.
  • Complete/submit the evaluation form.

Refund Policy

You should review the FlightBridgeED® Refund Policy before completing checkout to understand and agree to all Terms and Conditions. This policy may have changed since you last reviewed it. Please use the link below to view the current policy.
Review the FlightBridgeED® Refund Policy