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Online/Classroom-Based Courses and Practice Exams

|Q. I just purchased an online course, how do I access it? View ⇅

|Q. How do I access my practice exams? View ⇅

|Q. The course package I bought says that I get access to the practice exam, but I can't find it. Where is it? View ⇅

|Q. Do you guarantee that I can pass my exam when I take your review courses? View ⇅

|Q. Do you offer a refresher course that meets the requirements from the IBSC? View ⇅

|Q. My course is no longer appearing on my dashboard after I sign in. View ⇅

CE Hours, CE Certificates, and Recertification

|Q. I completed my course, how do I get my CE hours for it? View ⇅

|Q. Where can I find my CE certificates for downloading? View ⇅

|Q. Are your CEs approved/accredited? View ⇅

|Q. Do your courses cover the requirements needed to renew my critical care paramedic through the UMBC? View ⇅

|Q. What is the best option for renewing my advanced certification? View ⇅

Sales and Orders

|Q. What payment methods do you accept? View ⇅

|Q. What are your shipping options and delivery times? View ⇅

|Q. Do you offer international shipping? View ⇅

|Q. Do you offer group discounts? View ⇅

|Q. What is your return policy? View ⇅

General Information

|Q. Why choose FlightBridgeED? View ⇅

|Q. How can I contact your customer support? View ⇅

|Q. Do I need experience before taking one of your courses? View ⇅

|Q. What are your terms and conditions? View ⇅

|Q. How can I reset my password? View ⇅

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