Initial Main Stage Schedule for FAST24 Released

FAST24 - Initial main stage schedule released

We are thrilled to announce the early release of our main stage schedule for the upcoming FAST24 conference, taking place in the vibrant city of Wilmington, North Carolina, on June 10-12, 2024!

We’ve gotten a lot of requests lately from folks asking about the release of the FAST24 main stage schedule. We understand; we are excited, too! Since FAST23 wrapped, we have been working to create a lineup of speakers for FAST24 that would measure up to the star-studded stage in Las Vegas. After lots of meetings, phone calls, and a bit of luck, we are finally able to release the initial version of the FAST24 main stage schedule.

You’ll be able to head over to the schedule page by clicking the button below, but before you do we want to set your expectations for it at this moment. The schedule contains the timeline for the main stage speakers and who will be speaking during what timeframe. Our speakers are still finalizing their content and talks, so you will see a lot of “pending” information on the page. Don’t worry, the deadline for speakers to get their content in is fast approaching, so the pending information will be populated soon. It’s important to mention that we will be updating the schedule in real-time, as we receive the information. We know you are just as anxious to hear WHAT is being talked about as much as WHO is giving the talk. Check back often for updates.

Ok, so what if you haven’t gotten your FAST24 ticket yet?

This year, FAST24 is taking a unique approach by hosting our event at a more intimate venue. Our goal is to provide a boutique conference experience, where every participant enjoys greater access to speakers, meaningful networking opportunities, and a personalized atmosphere, creating an environment that prioritizes depth and quality in every interaction. Consequently, our capacity is naturally more exclusive this year, making each ticket not just an entry, but a key to a rare and enriching experience.

We have seen an overwhelming response in ticket sales this year that immediately surpassed the benchmarks set in years past. We’ve done the math and FAST24 will sell out this year. That’s not some sort of marketing hype, it’s data. When the tickets are gone, we won’t be able to squeeze in a single additional attendee – not one. So if you haven’t secured your spot, now is a great time.

FAST24 tickets are on sale for a discounted rate, but that will also not last forever. You can get discounted tickets now for only $345 by following this link to the FAST24 registration page.

FAST24 Pre-Conference Workshops Update

One last thing, the pre-conference workshops WILL BE back for FAST24! That is the next item to finalize on our to-do list, and we have already made some significant headway. If you haven’t ever been to FAST before, the “Pre-Con Workshops” are held one day earlier than the rest of the conference. For FAST24 they will be held on June 10, 2024.

These sessions are limited-capacity, highly engaging, and offer some experiences that aren’t available very often in our industry. We break these workshops into two 4-hour sessions (Morning and Afternoon). You can choose to attend one, or both and when you do you will not only get to learn from some of the best critical care instructors in the world, but you’ll also earn more CE hours in the process!

I can’t reveal all our plans just yet, but I can say that the ever-popular “Critical Care Cadaver Lab,” and the “FlightBridgeED Mechanical Ventilation Workshop. Others have been confirmed, and some are in the works, but we still need to do a bit of logistical work before we make official announcements.

Pre-conference workshop tickets will be available for purchase soon. However, it’s important to remember that these tickets are exclusively available to those who have a FAST24 conference ticket. So, if you’re planning to attend these enriching pre-conference sessions, we strongly recommend securing your FAST24 conference ticket as soon as possible. Once you have your conference ticket, you’re all set to purchase your pre-con workshop tickets at any time once we post them.

Alright, that’s all the update we have for you right now! Merry Christmas and stay safe out there!

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