MDCast w/ Dr. Michael Lauria – Maternal Cardiac Arrest

This is the second of a special podcast series on obstetric critical care.  I am joined on this series by Dr. Elizabeth Garchar, MD, FACOG.  She is an OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist who has a particular interest in obstetric critical care.  She is also unique in that she flies regularly with our critical care transport teams and acts as one of our Assistant Medical Directors for the flight program.  So, Dr. Garchar has unique insight into managing this population in transport.

The topic of this podcast is maternal cardiac arrest.  This is, possibly, one of the most stressful clinical encounters we can have as flight crew.  Critical care transport crews are masters of ACLS and resuscitation during cardiac arrest, but what do you do if the patient is pregnant?  Often crews have questions: Can we use the same drugs?  Do you change the dose of different ACLS drugs?  Can you defibrillate a pregnant patient?  Do we change hand position for chest compression?   In this podcast, Dr. Garchar and I go over the recommendations and guidelines from major organizations and clarify some of these important questions.


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