Critical Care Mastery

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  • Cadaver Procedural Lab


    Have you ever wanted to go to a cadaver lab? There is nothing else that comes close to giving you the experience and expertise of viewing real tissue. This experience has been a staple of critical care clinicians for years, and now you have the opportunity to take part in a thorough 19-module cadaver lab in the comfort of your own home! Join us for this exciting experience.

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  • Cardiac Physiology Master Class


    This course will give you a great foundation, from basic to advanced 12 lead interpretation, with a huge focus on current evidence-based practice and the newest diagnostic equivalents seen in cardiology today. Encompasses all aspects of critical care cardiac physiology with a comprehensive look into 12-lead interpretations.

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  • Interpreting Lab Values Master Class


    An in-depth look into the basic metabolic panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, and many ancillary labs such as serum osmolality, urine specific gravity, troponin, CK-MB, and more.

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