Ventilator Management: Advanced Concepts in Critical Care


A thought-provoking book that will dissect ventilator management concepts within critical care medicine, with a focus on intermediate and advanced mechanical ventilation concepts.




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Eric Bauer and Tyler Christifulli team up for this dynamic, thought-provoking book that dissects ventilator management concepts in critical care medicine. Ventilator Management – ADVANCED Concepts in Critical Care will continue building on the foundational book – Ventilator Management: A Pre-Hospital Perspective, which colleges and universities use, and critical care transport companies worldwide. Ventilator Management – ADVANCED: Concepts in Critical Care will take a comprehensive look at ventilator management strategies as they relate to pre-hospital transport in both the ground and helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) industries, with a core focus on advanced ventilation concepts and resuscitation factors that will impact your clinical practice and patient care.

In keeping with the first book, we have written this book in a comprehensive but conversational format. We will hit on all things related to critical care transport and mechanical ventilation. The book includes current research concepts, ventilation theory, core clinical ventilation strategies, and case application commentary, with reference materials for maximizing your study time.

ISBN: 9781710098358