Ventilator Management: A Pre-hospital Perspective

2nd EDITION Printing Released September 2016 with expanded commentary on advanced modes of ventilation, neonatal-pediatric modes, and critical care application in these patient subsets. Own the #1 Best Seller and trusted resource for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care mechanical ventilation. Find out why hundreds of critical care providers, flight companies, and universities around the globe have adopted this resource as their go-to reference. 

The goal of this book is to provide the most up-to-date information on mechanical ventilation based on current research, evidence-based practice, and my experiences as a flight paramedic and educator. This book is a must-own for flight nurses, flight paramedics, medical students, resident MDs, attending MDs, nurses, paramedics, or respiratory therapists.  

“Ventilator Management” A Pre-Hospital Perspective, will take a comprehensive look at ventilator management strategies as it relates to emergency medicine and pre-hospital transport in both EMS and HEMS industries. The book is written in a comprehensive, but conversational, format and will hit on all things related to critical care transport ventilation. The book includes current research concepts, oxygenation pathophysiology, ventilation theory, core clinical ventilation strategies, case application commentary, and reference materials.

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Ventilator Management: Advanced Concepts in Critical Care

A thought-provoking book that will dissect ventilator management concepts within critical care medicine, with a focus on intermediate and advanced mechanical ventilation concepts.

  • Author(s):Eric Bauer
  • Total Pages:160
  • Edition:2nd Edition
  • ISBN:978-1492299646
  • Language:English