24 interactive online mechanical ventilation case studies.




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Ventilator management is complex and by far one of the most challenging therapies to master in the pre-hospital setting. From the AutoVent™ 3000 to the Hamilton-T1®, many variations of ventilators abound. Some are no better than a “BVM in a box,” while others leave some providers scratching their heads. Mechanical ventilation is a powerful therapy, and when used correctly, it can immediately improve outcomes for a patient under your care. When misused, a provider can quickly find their patient in a downward spiral without knowing how to recover.

VENT365 is a new paradigm in mechanical ventilation mastery. Online case studies put your mastery to the test over an entire year. In this way, learning is reinforced, and concepts are solidified through mechanical ventilator application in cases derived from the real world. Expect this course to challenge your practice in new ways as you become a master of mechanical ventilation.

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