Have you ever wanted to go to a cadaver lab? There is nothing else that comes close to giving you the experience and expertise of viewing real tissue. This experience has been a staple of critical care clinicians for years and now you have the opportunity to take part in a thorough 19-module cadaver lab in the comfort of your own home! Join us for this exciting experience.

Guided walkthrough of IO placement on real human tissue for all generally accepted insertion points with pearls and pitfalls from your instructor.

Chest injuries have the potential to cause severe damage to any of the critical organs. Lifesaving techniques for chest-related injuries can have a huge impact on patient outcomes if done correctly. This module covers guided walkthroughs of decompressions, chest tube placement, and more.

Demonstration of airway adjunct placement and surgical airway techniques.

This module provides a unique window into the chest to see what happens to the lungs when we make changes to mechanical ventilator settings.

When you need IV access and you just can’t find it, this procedure may be your only option. In this module, the instructor provides a guided walkthrough of the procedure for advanced intravenous access.

If you have ever transported a burn victim you know that there is a lot to consider from a pathophysiology standpoint, but it’s also important not to forget that deeply burned flesh on the chest reduces lung compliance. These advanced techniques performed on a cadaver demonstrate how to go about improving a patient’s ability to breathe.

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  • Awarded CE Hours:3 CE hours on completion
  • Access Period:90 Days
  • Topics:Advanced Procedures
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