ARC+ Features

Open Pathway Review Course

When recertifying, we have found that taking part in an open pathway course that allows you to build weak points and lean into your interests is more beneficial.

Open Pathway Review Course

Access all of the modules from the Advanced Concepts in Critical Care Course (FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN®, & CTRN® Review Course) in any order. Complete them all to unlock your review course certificate and earn CE hours at the same time!

Flight Paramedic (FP-C), Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C), Certified Flight Nurse (CFRN®), Certified Transport Nurse (CTRN®), Trauma Certified Nurse (TCRN®) Certification Review Courses and Renewal

IMPORTANT: All IBSC-certified providers must take an approved review course as part of their recertification (every four years), however, review courses are not required for every type of provider but they are a fantastic way to reinforce fundamental knowledge in order to build stronger foundations for more advanced learning.

Dynamic Learning Library

With over 200 hours of continuing education content on a wide variety of pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medicine topics, ARC+ is the most extensive and comprehensive library in the industry.

Because medicine is constantly changing as research illuminates new ideas, concepts, and procedures, FlightBridgeED is committed to presenting the latest emerging research science and even producing some ourselves. As we create new content it’s automatically added to ARC+ at no additional charge!

Dynamic Learning Library

IBSC and BCEN providers with advanced certifications are required to complete 100 hours of continuing education during each recertification period (every 4 years). All of our content is approved for this purpose and you can also use it to renew your national, state, and local credentials as well!

Comprehensive Recertification Certificate

The most stressful aspect of recertification isn’t learning, it’s RECORD-KEEPING. Losing CE certificates when trying to submit your recertification paperwork turns “stressful” into a “nightmarish.”

Comprehensive Recertification Certificate

Now you can import any CE certificates you earn outside of FlightBridgeED into our database alongside the ones you earn from us. When you’ve earned 100 CE hours, you’ll receive a comprehensive renewal certificate that will satisfy all your CE hour requirements – Guaranteed.

We’ll maintain the records while you maintain the airways!

Included Courses

FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN, CTRN Exam Online Review Course

  • Neonatal Congenital Defects
  • Oxygenation Physiology
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Cardiac Physiology Master Class
  • Laboratory Values Master Class
  • Mechanical Ventilation Master Class
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Flight Physiology
  • CAMTS 12th Edition
  • Acid-Base Balance
  • Endocrine, Hematology, Renal, & Sepsis
  • Environmental – Toxicology
  • Neurological Emergencies
  • Advanced Hemodynamics
  • IABP Therapy
  • OB/GYN Emergencies

Mechanical Ventilation Management Master Class

Mechanical ventilation is a powerful tool that brings about fast, meaningful, and positive changes for your patients. It is also one of the most confusing and dangerous treatments if applied by a provider who doesn’t understand the vast underlying physiological implications of what one little button push or one little turn of a dial can mean to delicate patients. This course was created for the absolute beginner all the way up to the most seasoned veteran. Learning the concepts behind good ventilator management is critical in the transport environment as well as in the ICU. Master the concepts of mechanical ventilation from this award-winning (2017 EMS World Innovation Award winner) course taught by best-selling author and mechanical ventilation guru, Eric Bauer.

Cardiac Physiology Master Class

This course will give you a great foundation, from basic to advanced 12 lead interpretation, with a huge focus on current evidence-based practice and the newest diagnostic equivalents seen in cardiology today. Encompasses all aspects of critical care cardiac physiology with a comprehensive look into 12-lead interpretations.

Interpreting Lab Values Master Class

An in-depth look into the basic metabolic panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, and many ancillary labs such as serum osmolality, urine specific gravity, troponin, CK-MB, and more.

Notice: This may not be an exhaustive list of the dynamic course library.

While we attempt to maintain an accurate list, the dynamic course library, by design, broadens as new content is created so there may be even more content available than listed here.

Heat Stroke Case from Hell

Clinical Pearls: Dissecting Advanced Hemodynamics


Ketamine 101

Sepsis Syndrome

Misadventures in Mechanical Ventilation

Pediatric Asthma Nightmare Case

A curated collection of podcasts from the FlightBridgeED family of podcasts.

Includes multiple selected episodes from The FlightBridgeED Podcast, SecondShift, EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast and The Standard of Care Podcast

FlightBridgeED Podcasts
  • Critical Thinking – Thought Provoking
  • FAST19 Rewind
  • EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast – Best of the Best
  • Critical Care Assorted Topics
  • Laboratory Values
  • The Nightmare Series Patient – 2019 Rewind
  • Research Related Topics
  • Trauma & Resuscitation Series
  • IABP & LVAD Therapy
  • Nightmare Patients
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Inopressors, Inodilators & Pure Vasopressors
  • Pharmacology & Medications
  • Damage Control RSI
  • Endocrine & Toxicities
  • Push Dose Pressors
  • Crew Resource Management & Safety
  • Neonatal – Pediatrics
  • Mentoring – Professional Development
  • Mechanical Ventilation Part 1
  • Mechanical Ventilation Part 2
  • Ketamine Series
  • Acidosis Rodeo Series
  • The Standard of Care Series
  • Second Shift Series
  • COVID 19 Series
  • 2020 Research Series

Import Certificates From Outside Courses & Providers

FlightBridgeED can give you everything you need to recertify, but we understand that most providers receive their continuing education hours from a variety of sources.

FlightBridgeED continuing education is available in any amount, from 1 to more than 200 hours, but you can also import any certificates you’ve earned from outside courses to your account. Our system will quickly verify the certificate and then credit your overall progress toward recertification.

Centrally Upload and Recertify

Once you have completed 100 hours of CE (from FlightBridgeED and any other outside accredited source, in total), a comprehensive recertification certificate will be generated for you to upload a single certificate for renewal. It’s that simple.

Save $50 on IBSC Recertification

Your education is an investment and the return is HUGE!

Because of you, someone gets another chance at their tomorrows – that’s a staggeringly amazing return!

As our way of saying “Thank You” to each provider that invests in their education through ARC+, we would like to extend to you the offer to save $60 on your IBSC certification renewal by adding the optional renewal voucher to your order.

What you learn today determines someone else’s tomorrow!

Total price
  • Huge Library:200+ Hours of In-Depth Learning
  • Open Pathway:Build weak points and lean into your interests
  • Comprehensive:Just ONE certificate to upload
  • Centralized:Import CE Certificates from Outside Courses and Organizations
  • Discounted:Save $60 on IBSC Recertification Fees (with optional voucher)