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One of the Most Important Podcasts We Have Ever Made

Special Crossover Episode

We generally never mix these 2 very unique podcasts together, but this podcast is quite possibly the most important podcast we have ever published. A pillar of our practice is under fire and we need everyone's help. Back in the 70's there were a number of laws written regarding the use, and distribution of controlled substances. Unfortunately for us, back in the 70's EMS looked very different. In fact, it was so different that there were never any laws written specifically to direct the function of EMS within those laws. We have been operating for years under a sort of combined mishmash of laws. Recently, the DEA and other members of the US government have been investigating how we operate and you won't believe what they have determined. There is hope for our profession, but it starts with each of us doing our part. Listen to this podcast, contact your representative and encourage them to rally to our side. Failure with this matter means rapid access to lifesaving medication will go away for our patients, and the pre-hospital industry will be turned upside down. Download this podcast, listen, distribute, share, get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, medical directors, anyone who will listen. We have to band together for the sake of our patients and our profession.


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