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Introducing... "SecondShift" with Eric Bauer & Mike Verkest

New Podcast From FlightBridgeED, LLC.

SecondShift, a new podcast from FlightBridgeED with Eric Bauer and Mike Verkest. This podcast covers a lot of the current issues and trends in the Helicopter EMS, pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medical care industry. As a bonus, or maybe a consolation, you also get to hear these guys yack on about stuff like sports, talk trash about some former co-workers, and maybe even what flavor their socks smell like! Yup... doesn't get much better than this! Join us for the lighter side of FlightBridgeED in out new podcast production, SecondShift. You'll (probably) be glad you did! Don't worry though, The FlightBridgeED Podcast isn't going anywhere! Subscribe and tell us what you think!


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