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The Nightmare Series: Hypoxic Status Seizure

Episode 50

Claustrophobic and dark hallways surround our patient as they hysterically shake, and flight to free themselves from the ever tightening grasp of a hypoxic straightjacket. There are worse things than death and as time fights against the minds of the providers, the insane realization that this critical patient may very well be toeing the edge of oblivion sets in. Join your host, Eric Bauer, as he walks with you down the terrifying corridors of the newest Nightmare Series podcast... The Hypoxic Seizure.


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Show Notes

Stocks. Preeclampsia: pathophysiology, old and new strategies for management. Eur J Anaesthesiol 2014;31:183–189


Hammoud. Preeclampsia-induced Liver Dysfunction, HELLP syndrome, and acute fatty liver of pregnancy. Clinical Liver Disease 2014;4:69–73


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