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Vasopressors In Trauma? - "The FOAMfrat Blog Response"!

The debate regarding vasopressor use in trauma has been a hot topic for years.  FOAMfrat recently released a blog article called. "Levophed Assisted Transfusion".  In this article written by Tyler, he lays out his thoughts on this subject and advocates for vasopressor administration in the early resuscitation phase with patients suffering from multi-systems trauma and associated TBI.  This podcast is a rebuttal podcast on that article and the current evidence.  Are vasopressors in trauma warranted?  Is there clinical evidence?  I say... Join me in this review and find out my stance!  These reviews are especially key to keeping us high on the charts where your friends and colleagues can find us. Thank you for listening.

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Show Notes

Levophed Assisted Transfusion

 Early vasopressor use following traumatic injury: a systematic review

Early Use of Vasopressors After Injury: Caution Before Constriction

Vasopressors: Do they have any role in hemorrhagic shock?

EPIC Study


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