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Pseudo Ards 2018


This podcast is going to dive into the hot topic of ARDS or lack there of. I’ve been so excited to review this article and was blown away by its depth and science based discussion. In this amazing article by Pulmcrit and Josh Farkas, the topic of ARDS is examined with the focus on the Berlin Definition of ARDS, pathophysiology, iatrogenic injury and the new theory called “pseudoARDS”. In this episode, we explore the old thought process in ARDS, with a focus on diagnosis, physiology, theory, and overall treatment approach. We then examine the science and take a look at the newer thoughts on “pseudoARDS”. We couldn’t make this podcast without. Please rate, and review wherever you download the podcast. Thanks for listening!
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Show Notes

Pulmcrit: ARDS vs. pseudoARDS - Failure of the Berlin definition

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