3P proteinbinding

Have you ever wondered what happens to that medicine you so easily flush down the IV line of your patient, or in that capsule your patient swallows? We so often take for granted that an incredibly complex, and amazing chain of processes must take place in order to move the medicine we give to the exact spot where it’s needed. Join Eric Bauer as he peels back the mysterious layers of medication absorption and distribution. As always, this really difficult subject gets broken down into easily understood analogies, and concepts that builds knowledge on top of knowledge. The best part… it’s all free! Download, subscribe, rate, and review wherever you get your podcast from. Did you learn a lot from this podcast? Help us keep this podcast, and more high on the charts so your friends and colleagues can find us easily! Give us a quick review and let the world know how much you like our stuff! Thanks for listening! We couldn’t make this podcast without you.

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