In this episode of The FlightBridgED Podcast, Eric and Dave Olvera carve out some time while they are on the road to talk about airway management preparation strategies. Dave has invested many years of his professional career investigating, and researching, among other important projects, how to best optimize intubation success. For as long as I can remember, we have used difficult airway predictors in our field practice, such as LEMON(S), to help prepare for eventualities when placing an endotracheal tube. Dave and his colleagues have determined that those predictors are great, but may not be as applicable to field intubations. With mountains of research at hand the HEAVEN criteria was created, along with best-practice strategies for increasing intubation success in an ever-changing environment. Join us for this episode as Eric and Dave discuss HEAVEN criteria, and more! Download, rate, and review wherever you get your podcast. Each review is so important to our success. Your reviews on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, or other platforms help to make us a recommended podcast so we are more visible, and easily discovered. If you believe in the value of what FlightBridgeED brings in this podcast, please take a few minutes and write a short review. We couldn’t make this podcast without you! 

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