While safety in, and around the aircraft is of paramount importance it is also equally important to train for what happens when safety turns into survival. We have all attended survival training in some form, or fashion. How was your experience? If you’re like most, you unfortunately get run through a quick day of training just to check the box. In the face of life, and death there is certainly a box waiting for you to check, but why not choose  to survive? You are choosing life when you demand serious, quality survival training. Join us in this episode as we talk with the Chief Flight Nurse, Deb Witte, and Chief Flight Paramedic, Nathan Morreale, from AirMed at the University of Utah Health to talk about a program they developed to teach, test, and overcome in an emergency survival situation. Download, rate and review wherever you get your podcasts. Remember reviews are key to keeping us high on the charts so your friends and colleagues can find us. Thank you for listening to The FlightBridgeED Podcast.

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