We have all been trained to make the numbers “normal” for so many years, that it seems so unnatural to leave a number alone. It’s like a terrible itch that we have to scratch, and we feel satisfaction when we finally optimize our patient’s ETCO2 by shoving it right back to 40 mmHg. We take off our work boots, and strap on our favorite running shoes as we run headlong chasing numbers into oblivion. What if we told you that what you are doing could be considered… murder? Maybe the patient is already dead… Join Eric in this episode of The FlightBridgeED Podcast as we learn how to troubleshoot an out of sorts ETCO2 with the 3 P’s of ETCO2. Download, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts! Remember that reviews are the key to our future success and the intelligence of your peers by keeping us high on the charts where people can find us more easily. We love making this podcast, and we thank you, our listeners, so much for being the reason we get to come to work!

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