The Ketamine Response

Episode 89

When it comes to RSI in the pre-hospital setting, Ketamine is our new best friend. There are many more benefits to using this medication within several subgroups of patients for RSI than our the old standby, etomidate. We have read the accolades and positives in several studies, and trials, but what are the negatives? Are there any negatives? Could Ketamine be the perfect drug? Is it all just hype? Join the podcast as Eric discusses a new study and you will not believe what it says about your new favorite drug. Download, listen, rate, and review! Help FlightBridgeED keep our podcasts at the top of the charts so your friends and colleagues can find us!


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Show Notes

Hemodynamic Response After Rapid Sequence Induction With Ketamine in Out-of-Hospital Patients at Risk of Shock as Defined by the Shock Index

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