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Episode 8: I’m So Tired

Fatigue in EMS isn’t new. Almost every EMT and paramedic has a story. So grab a coffee or an energy drink and join us as Nick and Samantha take a look at a recent case that happened in our own backyards. We consider the criminal and civil liabilities that fatigue creates for EMTs, paramedics, and EMS agencies. What can the tired EMT or paramedic do? What should agencies be doing to decrease the fatigue suffered by employees in the face of increased call volumes and staffing challenges? Will it take a nuclear verdict or two for everyone to get serious about fatigue?

There are current studies on fatigue in EMS, and we encourage our listeners to participate in these studies if possible. The link to the University of Pittsburgh study is here: https://ambulance.org/2021/05/25/ems1-survey-how-is-fatigue-impacting-ems-providers/

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Show Notes / Links



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