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Episode 2 - Inconceivable

Following up on the last episode, and further exploring why people sue, Nick and Samantha take a look at two lawsuits recently filed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mario Bianchi and Joseph Nocero both died in incidents that occurred two months apart when both attended Philadelphia Eagles games at Lincoln Financial Field. Their deaths are allegedly a result of the poor medical response by National Event Services, the on-site EMS provider. We provide a short refresher on negligence and wrongful death claims, and discuss how paramedics and EMTs who are working events can protect themselves against liability. Please like, comment, and subscribe!


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Show Notes / Links

Maurizio Bianchi, Administrator of the Estate of Marco Bianchi, Deceased, in his own right and on behalf of said Decedent’s Next-of-Kin and Heirs-at-Law and Alex Bianchi v. The Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, National Event Services, Inc. and the National Football League

Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Filed August 20, 2020.

Court documents may be searched and purchased by the public here:

Rose, Kennedy. “Philadelphia Eagles Hit with Wrongful Death Lawsuit over Fan's 2019 Heart Attack.”, 1 Oct. 2020, (discussing Bianchi case)

Melissa Nocero, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Joseph Nocero, Deceased v. National Event Services, Inc. a/k/a d/b/a NES Services, Inc., Dr. John/Jane Doe, Doylestown Health, Doylestown Hospital, Doylestown Health Physicians, Kristy L. Scheiring, D.O., Doylestown Health Cardiology, Robert Grabowski, M.D., and Doylestown Health Primary Care Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Filed October 13, 2020.

Court documents may be searched and purchased by the public here:

McCarthy, Erin. “Months after an Eagles Fan Died during a Game, His Grieving Family Still Has Unanswered Questions.”, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 10 Feb. 2020, (discussing Nocero case)

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