Mentorship Program Information

The FlightBridgeED team is pleased to invite qualified applicants to apply for the FlightBridgeED Mentorship Program; a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to become the next generation of critical care transport leaders.

The FlightBridgeED Mentorship program started with the idea of service; to give back to the community that enabled our dreams to become the expert-level clinicians, educators, innovators, and leaders we are today. Our primary goal is to promote, nurture, encourage and guide qualified individuals in fulfilling their professional and personal goals as related to critical care clinical practice, education, innovation, and leadership.

Each year, two qualified applicants are inducted into the FlightBridgeED Mentorship Program at the annual FlightBridgeED Air and Surface Transport Symposium. They will be paired with a mentor through FlightBridgeED to accomplish various activities and projects that promote the core objectives of the program; expertise in critical care clinical practice, education, innovation, and leadership.

As a part of FlightBridgeED, it is imperative to know and understand the foundation from which the company was founded. This is summarized by our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement:

FlightBridgeED is committed to providing specialized critical care transition education for our customers that is consistent with our core values while delivering measurable benefits to our educational community and customers alike. We place a high value on “A Partnership in Discovery,” while delivering the highest quality critical care education that is evidence-based and consistent with current practice guidelines.

Selection Criteria:

The evaluation of applications to the FlightBridgeED Mentorship program will be guided by the following criteria. All criteria must be present and addressed for consideration of selection.

1. Cover letter with a professional statement of interest

2. Completed ONLINE application including submission of a CV listing:

- Demographics

- Education (highest degree completed)

- Work experience

- Certifications and licensures

- Community or volunteer service

- Local or national committee involvement

- Awards or acknowledgments

- Publications or scholarly work

- Hobbies or interests

3. A 500-word essay, using APA format, addressing the following:

- Identify and explain your self-improvement and introspection goals

- Identify and explain your two- and five-year career goals

- Explain how the FlightBridgeED mentorship program will assist in achieving your respective goals during the noted time periods

4. Two letters of recommendation

- At least one letter must be from a professional reference (i.e. Medical Director, Nursing Supervisor, Director of Nursing)


Goals and Objectives:

The following are measurable objectives expected of the FlightBridgeED Mentorship candidate:

- Willingness to listen and learn from an established FlightBridgeED mentor

- Commitment to regularly agreed upon check-ins with your mentor

- Maintaining currency with industry-leading research and standards

- Maintaining confidentiality of all FlightBridgeED related knowledge

- Performing tasks, activities, and projects as suggested or requested by the mentor

Mentorship Benefits:

The following is a list of the primary benefits an applicant can expect to gain from the mentorship program:

Complimentary attendance to the annual FlightBridgeED Air and Surface Transport Symposium for the award year

Collaboration with an established FlightBridgeED mentor to set and accomplish your professional and personal goals

- Complimentary access to all available FlightBridgeED material including:

- Review book

- Ventilator book

- C-NPT book

- Online courses

- “Live” review course (excluding travel expenses)

Benefits can be customized to each individual, based on mentee’s and program goals

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