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The SecondShift Podcast


Episode 36

Around the holidays, some of our staff eat way too much turkey, and mashed taters, then curl up in the corner for a long winters nap. As the tryptophan starts wearing off, it’s time to get back to work. SecondShift has always been the “lighter-side” of our podcast family, and through that lens we have been able to have some very real conversations about difficult EMS policies, and laws, as well as opinion, politics, and life. With our United States in division over so many things, we feel like it’s incredibly important to remember that whatever our differences, we are all people trying to find our way through an ever changing landscape. No matter what your view, conservative, or liberal, we are all discovering that the definition of gender is not as simple as what you were assigned at birth. In this episode of SecondShift, Mike and Ritu welcome Bennett Pendleton, and Taylor Sprecher to the show to discuss life in EMS, and healthcare as a transgender person. The great thing about a microphone is it opens the door for limitless conversation, and conversation is the road to understanding, and respect. Download, rate and review wherever you get your podcasts! If you loved our podcast, please give us a review. Reviews are so important to keeping us high on the charts where your friends and colleagues can find us. Thank you so much for listening. We couldn’t make SecondShift without you.

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