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The SecondShift Podcast


Episode 35

Ritu called in sick to this episode, we think it may be something that rhymes with “Gerpes,” but we haven’t found any of the nurses in Vegas willing to give out HIPPA protected information over the phone. (Guess they have been down that road before.) We will keep trying to figure this out. Mike did happen to run into a guy without too many issues below his equator who agreed to hop on the podcast with him! From the green fields, and purple mountains majesty of Las Vegas, Nevada and the famous EMS World Expo 2017 floor, FlightBridgeED is proud to present Mike Verkest and Eric Bauer! (This is where you applaud…) We have a ton of (uninvited) guests who wandered by the booth to say hello to all you beautiful people out there listening! You won’t want to miss this episode of SecondShift! Download, rate, and review wherever you found us. Remember to help us out and take a couple minutes to review the podcast (we spent hours making this thing… you telling me you don’t have 2 minutes?!). Reviews help keep us high on the charts so Eric doesn’t start firing people again, AND so your friends and family can find us easier. Win-win! Thank you so much for listening! We couldn’t make SecondShift without you!

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