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The SecondShift Podcast


Episode 34

In this very special Extended Play episode of SecondShift, Mike and Ritu seem to have taken up residence in the middle of the 2017 Oregon EMS Conference to aggravate passersby. Some of those folks are astonishingly important to the past, present, and future of EMS not only in the Pacific Northwest, but in the nation. If you miss this episode then nothing else in your career will ever make sense again. (Actually that’s not true. That’s what we call clickbait in the business. Supposed to get more downloads, or something like that.) Please, download, rate and review wherever you get our podcast. Reviews are key to keeping us high on the charts so your friends and colleagues can find us when you tell them how amazing your life is now that you are listening to SecondShift. Thanks so much for listening! We couldn’t make SecondShift without you. (Actually that’s also not true, but your desire to download and listen does make it much more appealing for us to make more episodes. We don’t do this thing just to hear ourselves talk… actually that’s also not true…) Download. Listen. You’re incredible! Thanks.

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