FlightBridgeED Rewards Program

Updated: 8/10/2021


The FlightBridgeED Rewards Program (hereafter referred to as the “Rewards Program”) is a customer loyalty program designed to reward certain customer behaviors with points that can be applied to FlightBridgeED purchases in lieu of cash.


  1. Enrollment is an automatic function of account registration for both current and future customers. This enrollment occurs by default as a benefit of user registration without notice or input from the customer.
  2. Opting-out - a customer may opt-out of the program by contacting customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and communicating that they do not wish to participate in the FlightBridgeED Rewards program.

How Rewards Program Points Are Earned

  1. General Purchases - All purchases made from FlightBridgeED, through the website, or in-person at FlightBridgeED events qualify for earning points unless stated prior to the customer making the purchase.
  2. Special Rewards - FlightBridgeED, at its sole discretion, may initiate additional special rewards. These rewards may be initiated or discontinued with or without notice, at any time.
    1. Some examples of special rewards that may be offered are registration bonuses, sales incentives, birthday bonuses, multiplied points, or as a reward for qualifying promotional activities.
    2. Points earned from special rewards will not be deducted from a customer account if the reward is discontinued and the customer has already earned the Rewards Program points.

Earning Rates and Exchange Rates

  1. Earning Rates for General Purchases - Enrolled customers earn 5% of their cart totals (including the cost of products, any taxes and fees, and shipping) when their orders are confirmed (payment has been completed successfully).
    1. Last update 8/4/2021
  2. Exchange Rate - Earned points can be used by the customer at checkout for subsequent purchases. 1 point = $1 USD.
    1. Last update 8/4/2021
Shipping Cost Exclusion
  1. FlightBridgeED Reward Points cannot be used to cover the cost of shipping for an order. Our system will not allow points to be applied to the cost of shipping and as a result, you will see shipping costs applied to your order total (as applicable). If you have a coupon code, or if any other type of discount, or free shipping offer, you may use that in combination with reward points. Some offers may be excluded. Offers and coupon codes are offered at the sole discretion of FlightBridgeED and may be discontinued, or modified at any time, for any reason with, or without notice.
Corporate Partner Exclusion
  1. Unless expressly written and included in a fully executed corporate partnership contract, specially priced, or custom content is excluded from earning FlightBridgeED Reward Points in order for us to provide the best price possible for your organization. For more information or assistance regarding corporate contracts, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-991-3160, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via chat on the FlightBridgeED website.

When Are Points Applied

  1. Points are applied to a customer’s account as soon as the customer’s order is confirmed (payment has been completed successfully).
  2. Most points are applied within minutes of purchase, however, for some purchases including in-person course registration, and some in-person purchases, it may take up to 24 hours for points to be applied to a customer’s account.

Effects of Cancelled Order and Refunds on Rewards Program Points

  1. Orders which have been canceled, or refunded by customer service, or by the customer will result in forfeiture of points that were earned from the confirmed order. After order cancellation or order refund, points will be automatically deducted equal to the amount earned from the order. No other points will be deducted from a customer’s Rewards Program point balance in excess of the canceled, or refunded order. The FlightBridgeED Refund Policy shall govern any and all order refunds.

Data Collection & Privacy Practices

  1. Data collection from the Rewards Program is governed by the FlightBridgeED Privacy Policy in its entirety. No other policies apply to data collection and privacy practices.

Rewards Program Termination and Abandonment

  1. FlightBridgeED may, at its sole discretion and at any time with, or without notice, terminate and/or abandon the Rewards Program. If this program is terminated and/or abandoned, all points earned by customers will be immediately forfeited.
Rewards Program Terms Alteration
  1. The terms of the rewards program may be altered at any time without notice by FlightBridgeED for any reason.


  1. If a dispute arises out of or relates to the Rewards Program, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator before resorting to arbitration, litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure.


  1. United States Domestic - Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Rewards Program, shall be settled by arbitration administered by a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.
  2. International (excluding the United States) - Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Rewards Program, shall be determined by arbitration administered by a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator in accordance with its International Arbitration Rules.

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