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What's the difference in the review course package editions?

FP-C / CFRN or CCP-C Full
Online Review Course
Access for 1 full year
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FP-C / CFRN or CCP-C Exam Prep and Advanced Practice
Update Book

Shipped within 72 hours of course purchase
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Online Practice Exam Subscription 

Available after course completion. 4 exams or 60 days maximum after activation
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Package Total Price $350 $390
+ Shipping & Handling

Why isn't the Exam Pass Commitment included with the Basic Package?

Our online review courses don't consist of video learning modules alone. Our entire system of tools works together to properly prepare a student for success in passing their exam. If a review course provider advertises a student exam pass percentage or guarantees that you will pass your exam if you take their course, know that it's impossible to track the pass / fail rates of all students accurately and nobody can guarantee that you will pass an exam. Based on the feedback that we have received, most of our students are successful in passing their exams after utilizing our review course system. If a student is not successful, we assign a Student Success Mentor to them to further assess their needs and create a personalized study plan, and schedule one-on-one training sessions. That is our commitment to you.
We can't offer that commitment with the Basic Package because it does not include the whole review course system and therefore may not fully prepare a learner for exam pass success. The Basic Package was designed with continuing education and recertification in mind for already certified providers. While it is certainly possible to purchase all these elements à la carte, we have designed the Premium Package to offer incredible value as a bundled solution of services intended to successfully prepare the learner for passing the FP-C, CCP-C, and CFRN exams. See the table above for what is included in each package.

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians recertification CE hour notice 

COVID UPDATE: As of 2020 due to COVID-19, the NREMT began accepting ALL F3 CE hours (the 35-hour limit was waved). Please verify NREMT policies regarding distributive learning prior to submitting your hours for recertification.

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Exam Pass Commitment

Updated 7/21/2021
All versions of this commitment published prior to 7/21/2021 are hereby designated invalid and the following Exam Pass Commitment will supersede and apply retroactively to any and all previously purchased qualifying products

We do not make any claims as to our exam pass statistics. Although great for marketing purposes, it is impossible to accurately report exam pass rates. Additionally, no course can guarantee that you will pass your exam - again, that's great for marketing purposes but impractical. Rather than make inaccurate, or false claims we prefer to simply, and proudly report that the feedback we receive from our students is overwhelmingly positive. On the rare occasion that one of our students does not pass their exam on the first attempt, we have created this Exam Pass Commitment to guarantee to a student that we will provide ongoing, individualized instruction to help them succeed in their next attempt.

FlightBridgeED has carefully crafted our coursework and learning tools to work together as a comprehensive instrument (hereafter known as the “Learning System”) for passing the FP-C, CCP-C, and CFRN or other advanced certification exams. We stand behind the proven, historical success of our Learning System, and we are committed to the success of our students. As such, we make this commitment to every student as they use our Learning System in pursuit of passing their advanced certification exam:


If any student has used the Learning System in full:


1)   Participated in their selected review course (In-person, or Online***)
2)   Has made reasonable efforts in good faith to study all provided materials
3)   Has completed at least 4 (four) FlightBridgeED Online Practice Exams after having successfully completed the in-person or online review course (including the CE module and thus receiving a course completion certificate)
4)   And having made 1 (one) attempt at the selected advanced certification exam within 90 (ninety) days of completing the in-person or online review course (including the CE module and thus receiving a course completion certificate)


If any student has completed this prescription for success, we believe that the student will have success in passing the advanced certification exam. However, if this prescription for success was followed and a student is not successful in passing their advanced certification exam, the student should contact FlightBridgeED customer service (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), by phone at 1-800-991-3160, or start a chat with our team on the website.
A student success mentor will be assigned to the student to help formulate an individual plan for study based on the results of the previous exam attempt and will provide ongoing mentoring as the student prepares to make a second attempt at passing their advanced certification exam. The student is also entitled to choose another in-person review course* to attend or be enrolled in the FlightBridgeED Online Course at no cost** to the student. FlightBridgeED maintains the sole right to change at will, or revoke this commitment at any time with, or without notice.


* FlightBridgeED will make reasonable efforts to accommodate scheduling the student for 1 (one) remedial exam review course for every paid exam review course. Course selection is limited by availability, and FlightBridgeED does not make any guarantee of specific course location availability. FlightBridgeED maintains the sole right to refuse to reschedule a course or admit a student to a course for any reason.

** Cost includes the price of course admission only. Any other costs except that of the price of course admission are hereby expressly the responsibility of the student. The student is responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, lodging, food, additional exam attempts, and (etc.) as may be required.

*** Some exclusions may apply depending on the type of course package purchased. Review all course package details prior to purchasing.

The Exam Pass Commitment is not associated with and cannot be honored as a result of education, or experiences obtained by attending the FlightBridgeED Air and Surface Transport Symposium (FAST) as these experiences are not part of the Exam Pass Commitment prescription.

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