MBM - Episode 31: Body Cams for EMS?

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MBM - Episode 31: Body Cams for EMS?

In this episode Chris meeting with friend and Critical Care Manager for Cypress Springs EMS, Zach Dunlap, to discuss body cams for EMS. As an incredibly progressive service, Cypress Springs EMS has implemented body cams. Obviously, this is something new and many have polarizing opinions for, or against using them. Does this violate HIPPA? Is this just an attempt by "Big Brother" to get crew members in trouble? Do body cams help quality improvement and if so, how? Could this actually save my bacon if I get a subpoena to testify in court? That's a lot of questions and in this episode, you will learn from the experiences of a team actually putting this concept into practice. Join us as we dive into Body Cams for EMS. Don't forget to like, and subscribe as well as share the content!

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