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You have been directed to this form because you have contributed, or will be contributing photographs, videos, or other forms of media either of your likeness, or otherwise to FlightBridgeED for the purposes of marketing. There are a few points we need to cover before we can accept and use those media items. Please complete the form below and confirm your acceptance of the agreement contained within.
We cannot accept any photos, videos or other media that contain logos of your service, company or hospital without express written permission from an authorized representative of your service, company or hospital. We must immediately reject any content that does not adhere to this guideline.
Thank you for being a part of the FlightBridgeED community!
Email Address*
Authorized Representative Contact Phone*
Date of Birth*FlightBridgeED will not use content that has been submitted by anyone under the age of 18.
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< ! >   For addresses outside of the United States, please contact one of our FlightBridgeED associates after you have submitted this form at service@flightbridgeed.com to ensure that your mailing address and contact information are correctly submitted. Thank you!

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