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What is the Difference Between The Flight Paramedic (FP-C) Exam And the Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) Exam?
  OVERVIEW The Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exam is designed to test the knowledge of experienced, master-level paramedics who are working as part of a medical flight crew. The Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) exam is a bit broader in scope and is designed to test the knowledge of adept paramedics working in any critical care environment from transport to in-hospital.  
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What It Takes to Become a Certified Flight Nurse
  What Is a Flight Nurse? A flight nurse is a registered nurse with the training and experience to provide critical care in transport environments. This can be either rotor (helicopter) or fixed-wing, typically working alongside other medical providers such as paramedics, other nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, or physicians; they're essential for providing top-level patient care when it matters most!
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What It Takes to Become a Certified Flight Paramedic
  FLIGHT PARAMEDIC OVERVIEW Helicopter EMS (HEMS), also known as air ambulance services, are critical in saving lives. Air medical transport teams have to have the right experience, skills, and training. A certified flight paramedic is a professional in pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency healthcare. If you're ready to take your career in this direction, read on for everything you need to know before becoming a certified flight paramedic.  
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Well, I'll be Damped – How Square Wave Testing Can Assure Accuracy in Your Hemodynamic Monitoring Interpretations
Since the inception of hemodynamic monitoring, square wave testing, also known as dynamic response testing, continues to intermittently confuse both new and experienced critical care providers.  Square wave testing can have a direct impact on the validity and accuracy of the hemodynamic values which are obtained from the invasive monitoring de
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