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Who is FlightBridgeED?

FlightBridgeED is a medical education company that specializes in providing pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medicine education for healthcare professionals of all types. Established in 2012, FlightBridgeED, LLC began with the initial release of episode 1 of The FlightBridgeED podcast. From that first podcast, our education team began developing a set of educational tools designed to help our community of students successfully pass their advanced certification exams and to broaden their understanding of evidence-based critical care medicine. We believe that the foundation of our company and our industry future is you. To learn more, visit flightbridgeed.com.

Why choose FlightBridgeED?

The FlightBridgeED team brings more than 100 years of combined pre-hospital and critical care experience with 30 of those years being in the civilian air medical industry. FlightBridgeEDs lead educator, Eric Bauer MBA, FP-C, CCP-C, C-NPT has worked in the air medical industry as a flight paramedic and corporate clinical education manager for 17 years, which has allowed him unparalleled access and insight to standard practice, industry trends and current changes within the industry not seen with other companies or courses. Our company has focused on perfecting a premium collection of products and services that thousands of students, like you, have trusted to prepare them for difficult advanced certification test-taking success. Test preparation earned us the respect of our students and industry peers, but our mission doesn't stop once the course is over. Our education team offers unprecedented personal access, free educational podcasts, and much more. We do this because when you choose us we take that personally; you become part of our family. We want to invest in you and see you become the best clinician that you can be.

Who are your instructors?

We believe in consistent instruction and delivery of core critical care content. Based on that, Eric Ashley Bauer and Bruce Hoffman will be your primary instructors. FlightBridgeED is led by Eric Bauer, MBA, FP-C, CCP-C, C-NPT, with 17 years of critical care pre-hospital experience in both ground and air medical transport, and years as a national level speaker and educator. Eric is the author and host of the award-winning FlightBridgeED podcast series and is dedicated to personally investing in each student’s success. Ashley Bauer, MSN, MBA, APRN, NP-C, CFRN, C-NPT brings extensive experience in emergency critical care nursing, air medical transport, and is a practicing emergency department nurse practitioner. Her experience in nursing and advanced practice nursing brings a high level of content delivery and an added benefit not seen in other courses. Bruce is a Nurse and Paramedic that holds his master’s degree in nursing education. He is a full-time clinical professor at Goodwin University on the east coast. His experience consists of pre-hospital EMS, cardiac and surgical ICU, Cath lab, intra-hospital transport, and a flight nurse in both rotor and fixed-wing platforms. 

Military Discounts?

We are fully indebted to all past and current United States Military. As such, we now offer a 15% discount on all regularly priced products and courses.  Sale items will not be included. To take advantage of our military discount, please email emily.baker@flightbridgeed.com a current picture copy of your military ID, statement of service or DD-214 for discharged or retired service members.  Please provide a good phone number to reach you.  We will call you and process your purchase via phone. 

What is provided with the review course?

  • FP-C | CFRN Exam Prep & Advanced Practice Update Manual 
  • Access to our online practice exams - 4 attempts within a 60-day purchase period - Timed, random 130-question test with the rationale.
  • 24 CE hours, approved and awarded for CE for nurses and paramedics.
  •                The only "Live" and Online CAPCE Accredited Review Course in the industry (Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education).
  •                ANCC Accredited: 24 CE hours, approved and awarded by the ANCC.

What is the course length?

The course will encompass 2 ½ days of lecture, test-taking strategy, and periodic knowledge assessment sessions. FlightBridgeED is the only company in the world that offers a podcast series to supplement their course. The FlightBridgeED podcast focuses on all core critical care content that’s relevant for the FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN, and CTRN exams and is free to anyone wanting to listen and download. This added tool gives students consistent content reinforcement and strengthens retention.

How long is the enrollment process?

Instant! All students can register via our website, and all course registration fees are due by the first morning of the course offering.

What does the class cost?

We know the road you're on isn't cheap. Hotels, airline fees, the monumental cost of the FP-C, CCP-C, or CFRN tests itself all add up to a pretty hefty price tag. The FlightBridgeED team went through the same process so we respect the investment you're making. We offer two different registration levels. Our full course is for anybody needing initial FP-C, CCP-C, and CFRN certification preparation and is $400.00. That course registration fee includes our entire package of books, and tools that have proven themselves as indispensable for passing your exam the first time (saving money in re-testing fees).  We also offer the review course at a discounted rate of $315.00 for anybody already credentialed as FP-C, CCP-C or CFRN, which includes the course and the best-selling FP-C | CFRN Exam Prep Manual.

Do you offer testing with the course?

We do not provide a pencil and paper testing option as the norm. This is something that we can provide at the request of our sponsor company. However, we know your brain will be on overload after 2 ½ days and feel it’s counter-productive to take a credentialing exam at the end of the course. Most people say they are mentally fatigued and the wait is more than necessary. We believe it’s best to schedule and take your exam within 2 weeks after the commencement of the review course. We encourage each student to continue preparing via our online practice exams. These practice exams are included in your course registration and offer you ample time for additional preparation. These exams simulate your testing environment with questions similar to actual exam questions. Each attempt is followed by your review of the test, with the rationale for each question missed. We have had over 5,800 attempts at our simulation exams with the average cumulative score being 72.9%. This translates to a difficult exam that will continually challenge you and strengthen your test-taking abilities so you can pass your exam the first time around.

Can a student miss part of the course?

The course is offered as scheduled and it’s your learning experience. If you have a reason to miss any lectures we understand and know that’s your decision. However, we fully recommend you commit to the entire course and feel it greatly strengthens your ability to pass your certification exam. There will not be any make-up sessions, nor one-on-one tutoring based on missed parts of the course.

When will course materials be available to me?

All course materials will be given to you on the first day of the course offering. We do not mail, or pre-ship our materials prior to the course. We have developed an industry-leading course package of content, and instruction that will contain all relevant, and up-to-date material needed to pass your certification exams. You will not need any additional course materials.

Where is the class location?

Each course is held at a location selected with the assistance of our requesting hosts. See our course listing page for location specifics.

What CE is offered and is this course an approved IBSC course?

Our review course has been reviewed and approved as an IBSC review course for initial FP-C & CCP-C certification, and continuing education via in-person, and online delivery methodology. This activity was approved by the Emergency Nurses Association. The Emergency Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC); Activity number: 190601-KY-CR-1. In addition, all Paramedic CE hours are awarded through the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education - CAPCE.

What is the class start time each day?

Our classes cover 2½ days with most classes starting on Friday afternoon of the first day for a 4-hour session. The weekend course days will always start promptly at 0800 hours local time, with course sign-in starting each morning at 0730. Classes will conclude each weekend day at 1800 hours.

Is lunch provided?

No, lunch will be on your own each day. We always give you the option of doing a working lunch or taking a full hour. However, we provide you with drinks, water, coffee, and snacks throughout the day.

What experience should I have before taking this course?

Although some nursing and paramedic experience is encouraged, there is no set level of experience required for the course. Course content consists of high-level critical care medicine material and may be new to you if you’ve just entered this advanced environment. With that being said, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver this material in an easy to understand manner similar to the style we use on The FlightBridgeED Podcast. The delivery method is key to understanding and we have invested an enormous amount of time to ensure our students we present the material with clarity and intention.

What is the first time pass rates with the course?

This is a hard number to pinpoint. Any company that states they can identify their first-time pass rates are not being totally forthcoming. There’s no way of getting that information from the IBSC, or BCEN. The best way to get the most accurate information regarding this subject is to contact each student in an attempt to identify the successful passing of their exams based on their respective discipline. One of our primary values as a company is the relationship we have with our students. Your success helps guide our success, and the success of your peers. Based on data gathered from our community we have been able to calculate > 95% first-time pass rates with the individuals we’ve been able to communicate with.

What if I’m not successful on my first attempt?

Your success is very important to us. We know it is a reflection of our company and we stand behind our instruction, and products. Based on this, we will work with you on a one-on-one basis if you need additional help in specific areas, and invest the time to ensure you are successful. We have had many students that have not used our course and were unsuccessful in passing the exam three, or even four times who sought us out for help. Each one of those individuals was facing losing their employment because their employer required advanced certification within 2 years of hire. We personally invested time with each of those students, with each student then passing on their first attempt after using our products.


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