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Episode 45 – ESO Ketamine Paper from Eagles

Ketamine is a wonder drug. Ketamine is a tool of systemic racism. Ketamine is impossible to overdose. Ketamine is an inappropriate drug used for inappropriate purposes.

So much controversy. What should we believe? When in doubt, follow the data. Dr. Jeff Jarvis reviews a very timely paper just released in Annals of Emergency Medicine using the 2019 Data Collaborative data set that aims to describe the characteristics of patients getting ketamine as well as the potential deaths associated with it.

As an added bonus, Drs. Remle Crowe and Brent Myers join Dr. Jarvis for an interview about their paper and the controversies surrounding ketamine use.



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Show Notes

Papers reviewed:

1. Fernandez AR, Bourn SS, Crowe RP, Bronsky ES, Scheppke KA, Antevy P, Myers JB. Out-of-Hospital Ketamine: Indications for Use, Patient Outcomes, and Associated Mortality. Annals of Emergency Medicine 2021.

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