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Episode 44 – OHCA Update from Bend, OR

What is the impact of on-scene resuscitation vs intra-arrest transport on outcomes? Could the differences in first-pass success between ETI and King LT have accounted for the differences in outcome in the PART trial? How about differences in compression interruptions? In this episode recorded on the road in Bend, Oregon, Dr. Jarvis reviews three new papers that address just these questions. He then has an interview and Petar and Amber Hossick about how Bend Fire Rescue has implemented tenets of improvement science to impact survival in their community.



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Show Notes

Papers reviewed:

  1. Grunau B, Kime N, Leroux B et al. Association of Intra-arrest Transport vs Continued On-Scene Resuscitation With Survival to Hospital Discharge Among Patients With Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. JAMA 2020; 324(11), 1058-1067.
  2. Lesnick JA, Moore JX, Zhang Y et al. Airway Insertion First Pass Success and Patient Outcomes in Adult Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: The Pragmatic Airway Resuscitation Trial. Resuscitation 2020
  3. Wang H, Jaureguibeitia X, Aramendi E et al. Airway Strategy and Chest Compression Quality in the Pragmatic Airway Resuscitation Trial. Resuscitation 2021
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