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What you should expect from this subscription

Earn CAPCE accredited hours and nursing CE while listening to your favorite FlightBridgeED podcasts. As of 2021, the Podcast Subscription includes 90+ hours of curated CEU content from The FlightBridgeED Podcast, SecondShift, The EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast. When new qualifying episodes are published, they are added to the collection of content making the FlightBridgeED Podcast Subscription a remarkable, ever-expanding value and a convenient way to earn your CEUs.
Did you know? ...our podcast creators spend a lot of time researching each of the podcast episodes. All that research eventually becomes an outline script for the episode. Some of that research makes its way into the show notes, but when you become a FlightBridgeED Podcast subscriber, you get exclusive access to the expansive catalog of research that goes into each episode and more.
Approvals, accreditations, and affiliations
The content contained in the FlightBridgeED Podcast Subscription is CAPCE accredited and approved for both Paramedics and Nurses.
CEUs are provided by CAPCE for paramedics and by the Kentucky Board of Nursing for nurses.
License term and subscription information

1-Year license term starting on the date purchased.
Licenses are non-transferrable.
FlightBridgeED Podcast Subscriptions do not auto-renew annually.

Course content
// A curated selection of content from The FlightBridgeED Podcast, SecondShift, The EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast, and The Standard of Care Podcast
// Contains 90+ CE hours of rich, easy-to-consume content
  • Acidosis Rodeo - Podcast Series | 1.5 CE hours
    Acidosis Rodeo Part 1
    Acidosis Rodeo Part 2
    Acidosis Rodeo: G.O.L.D.M.A.R.K. (part 3 of 3)

  • Ketamine Podcast Series | 3 CE hours
    Is Ketamine a Safer RSI Medication in Pre-hospital Transport Environment? Maybe Not!
    Debunking the Continuing Controversy with Ketamine in Traumatic Brain Injury
    The Ketamine Response
    Ketamine 2.0: Debunking the Myths with Dr. Mike Abernethy

  • Mechanical Ventilation Part 1 - Podcast Series | 2.5 CE hours
    Ventilator Rewind - Application Part 1
    Ventilator Rewind - Application Part 2
    Ventilator Pearls - Recruitment Maneuvers
    Refractory Hypoxia - Dissecting Rise Time vs. I-time
    Blankets are for Naps, Not Medicine: Is a 6 mL/kg Tidal Volume for Everyone?

  • Mechanical Ventilation Part 2 - Podcast Series | 4.25 CE hours
    Dissecting "TIME CONSTANT" - Optimizing Alveolar Filling and Emptying
    The 5 Hottest Questions In Mechanical Ventilation w/ Mike Herman
    FOAMfrat Re..Butt..AL - "Response Required"!
    ARDS vs. Pseudo ARDS Literature Review
    The Silent Killers in Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation
    The Silent Killers in Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation - Part 2

  • Mentoring - Professional Development Podcast Series | 3.5 CE hours
    The Steps To Becoming A Flight Paramedic w/Evan Claunch
    The Steps To Becoming A Flight Nurse w/Kelly Miller
    Approaching Aristotle
    How to Read a Clinical Trial Paper

  • Neonatal - Pediatrics Podcast Series | 2.75 CE hours
    FAST18 Rewind - A Paradigm Shift In Pediatrics w/ Dr. Peter Antevy
    Neonatal Undifferentiated Collapse
    28 Month-Old Collapse

  • Crew Resource Management & Safety - Podcast Series | 1.25 CE hours
    FAST18 Rewind: "Fit For Duty"? w/ James Boomhower
    The Mental Reset - "OODA Loop!"
    The Nightmare Scenario - "Managing The Unimaginable"

  • Push Dose Pressors - Podcast Series | 1 CE hours
    Did Someone Say...Push Dose Pressor? "The New KID On The Block!"
    Push-Dose Pressors: Literature Review and Update
    Vasopressin: The Master Medication

  • Endocrine & Toxicities Podcast Series | 2.75 CE hours
    The Nightmare Patient - Tylenol Toxicity
    The Endocrine Nightmare

  • Damage Control RSI - Advanced Airway Management Podcast Series | 4.25 CE hours
    Damage Control RSI
    The Silent Killer in RSI
    HEAVEN the new LEMONS
    Patient BVM Advocacy with Tyler Christifulli of the Lifestar Podcast
    Changing Airway Management Culture: Using the HEAVEN Criteria, VL, and Decision Making with Dave Olvera

  • Pharmacology & Medications | 1 CE hours
    Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Plasma Protein Binding

  • Inopressors, Inodilators & Pure Vasopressors - Podcast Series | 1.25 CE hours
    Inodilators: Dobutamine and Milrinone
    Pure Vasopressors
    Vasopressin: The Master Medication

  • Traumatic Brain Injury - Podcast Series | 1.25 CE hours
    TBI: Understanding Current Therapies - part 1
    TBI: Understanding Current Therapies - part 2

  • Nightmare Patients Podcast Series | 3.5 CE hours
    Nightmare Series: Burn Management
    Yellow Jacket Attack - A Nightmare Series Podcast
    The Nightmare Patient: 50 Foot Fall From Radio Tower
    The Nightmare Patient: Undifferentiated Cardiac Collapse
    In-Flight Delivery: A Nightmare Series Podcast

  • IABP & LVAD Therapy | 3 CE hours
    IABP: Therapy Overview: Pearls with Kelly Miller
    IABP Pearls: Mechanical vs Chemical Balloon
    LVADS - An Interview with ASTNA President Allen Wolfe

  • Trauma & Resuscitation | 2.25 CE hours
    Damage Control Resuscitation Part 1 of 2
    Damage Control Resuscitation Part 2 of 2
    The 3 P's of ETCO2
    Evaluating the Shock Index

  • Neonatal Congenital Defects | 1.25 CE hours
    The Nightmare Series Patient - The Decompensating Infant
    Congenital Heart Defects: Part 1
    Congenital Heart Defects: Part 2
    Congenital Heart Defects: Part 3

  • Research Related Podcasts | 2.25 CE hours
    Vasopressin - AVERT Trial Results...  Wow!
    Statistical Analysis: AVERT Vasopressin Trial
    TXA in Traumatic Brain Injury - The ROC Study Results Are In!!
    Did Someone Say...Push Dose Pressor? "The New KID On The Block!"

  • The Nightmare Series Patient - 2019 Rewind | 2.25 CE hours
    The Nightmare Series Patient - ASA Overdose
    The Nightmare Series Patient: Undifferentiated Overdose
    The Nightmare Series - Cardiac Catastrophe
    The Nightmare Series - The Herniating Ischemic Stroke Patient

  • Laboratory Values | 1 CE hours
    The World of OZmolality
    Know Your Labs! - Diagnosing DKA using Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

  • Critical Care Assorted Topics | 1 CE hours
    Critical Care Round Table - Listener Q|A Answered
    The Second Fracture!

  • EMS LightHouse Project Podcast - Best of the Best 2020 | 8.25
    The EMS Lighthouse Project - Making Sense Of Epi in Cardiac Arrest
    Roc vs Succ: The Randomized Control Trial!
    TXA for TBI? CRASH-3
    Lessons learned from the EPIC Study
    Breaking News! Airway Management and Time To Epi in OHCA
    Making Sense Of Epi in Cardiac Arrest
    Airway Management in Cardiac Arrest - Analyzing The Data!
    Airway Management in Cardiac Arrest - Part II

  • FAST19 Rewind | 1 CE hours
    FAST19 Rewind - RVAD vs. Air Embolus | A Lesson in CRM w/ Bruce Hoffman
    FAST18 Rewind - "When Things Get Wicked"! w/ Ginger Locke

  • Critical Thinking - Thought-Provoking | 1 CE hours
    Black or White? Or Fifty Shades of Gray? “Cook Book Medicine Vs. Objective-Thinking

  • 2020 Research Podcasts | 5 CE hours
    Big News… VIPER Study Review
    Does Glucose Predict Hypotension in Trauma?
    REVERT: A new approach to an old technique
    ROC TXA in TBI
    Does IV vs. IO Matter?
    Advanced Hemodynamics: Looking Past the Numbers
    The Asthmatic Nightmare Case

  • COVID-19 Podcasts | 6 CE hours
    The Nightmare Patient: COVID-19 Case Study
    COVID Part 1: Disease Evolution Pathophysiology
    PEDS w/ COVID-19
    Implementing Helmet Based Ventilation in the COVID-19 Era
    COVID Comes to the nursing home w/Dr. JR Pickett

  • EMS LightHouse Project Podcast - Best of the Best 2021 | 7 CE hours
    Droperidol, Ziprasidone, and Lorazepam in undifferentiated agitation
    Capsaicin cream and Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
    LVO and VAN Scores
    NEAR VL vs. DL
    TXA for Epistaxis
    Dr. Ben Bobrow Interview (TBI)

  • The SecondShift Podcast | 15 CE hours
    Disparity in EMS Care
    mRNA Vaccine
    Beta DEA Rules
    Adventures in HIPAAland
    Racial Disparity in EMS
    Trust your PPE
    COVID Update
    Riding the Wave
    Dedicated to Maisy
    The EMS Collaborative

  • The Standard of Care Podcast | 1.25 CE hours
    Why Lawsuits

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You have a couple of convenient options for listening to the podcast episodes and earning credit for them. If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, head over to the FlightBridgeED University™ and open up your FlightBridgeED Podcast course. If you are accessing content on a tablet, or mobile device, we recommend that you download the Canvas app. Once you have installed the app, click the blue "Find my school" button and type "FlightBridgeED" in the search field. Then all you need to do is sign-in using your FlightBridgeED account username and password. After that, just enjoy the content and take a short quiz within each section to earn your CE hours.
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