Master Class - Cardiac Physiology & 12 Lead Interpretation

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This is a full "Master Class" on Cardiac Physiology, with a comprehensive look into 12 lead interpretations. This course encompasses 8 modules, with 4 CE hours, and will give you a great foundation, from basic to advanced 12 lead interpretation, with a huge focus on current evidence-based practice and the newest diagnostic equivalents seen in cardiology today! Single module course license purchases are good for 90 days from the purchase 

Module 1 - Cardiac Anatomy

Module 2 - Dissecting the 12 Lead

Module 3 - Acute Coronary Syndromes

Module 4 - Basic 12 Lead Interpretation

Module 5 - Mimickers of Acute Coronary Syndromes

Module 6 - Axis Deviation

Module 7 - Evidence Base Practice | Newest Concepts in Cardiac 12 Lead

Module 8 - Cardiac Pharmacology

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