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The FlightBridgeED FP-C / CFRN Exam Review Course is a must for anyone prepping for the FP-C and/or CCP-C. Exceptional instruction taught in a chunking flow of great takeaways.
Renee | EMT-P
I recently tested for my CCP-C. The first two attempts resulted in failing scores. I wasn’t sure where I was going wrong, so I decided to change how I was preparing. That's when I decided to take the FlightBridgeED online review program and it was a game-changer!
I immediately began to grasp concepts and understood the material better. After completing the review course, I retested and passed!
Christopher | CCP-C, FP-C, TP-C
I have been listening to the FlightBridgeED podcast for years and when the time came to take my BCCTPC approved course to re-certify my FP-C, I wanted to take the FlightBridgeEd course.The instructors bring decades of experience in HEMS to the table and are always on top of the current science in healthcare. This course will help anyone pass their FP-C, CCP-C or CFRN exams.
Joel | FP-C
The FP-C / CFRN Review Course is truly a great course. It was not only a fantastic preparation for the CFRN exam, but it's content will allow me to apply sound research driven care to my most critically ill patients.
Jared | RN
I have worked as a paramedic for almost three years in multiple states for several different agencies. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some outstanding medics, but I have I never met a team that comes close to the caliber of those from FlightbridgeED. The instructors are all up to date on current practices and are able to see the future of emergency medicine. I am more confident and prepared for the future because FlightbridgeED is setting the new standard for pre-hospital, critical care and emergency medical providers. Thank you all so much!
Aaron | EMT-P
The FlightBridgeED FP-C / CFRN Review Course was a very impressive class. The material is well prepared and it was obvious that the instructors knew the material. I feel much more prepared to take the exam.
I. DeLand | EMT-P
FlightBridgeED has given my patients the gift of improved clinical practice. I am excited to take what I have learned and apply it. The FlightBridgeED team is changing the way we practice critical care medicine!
Chris Meeks | FP-C
As a medic of 2 years, I was intimidated to attend the review course. With the format of your instruction, I feel like I have a good understanding of the critical care aspect of paramedicine and will be a better care provider from this experience.
J. Baker | FP-C
I liked everything about this course. The instructors are phenomenal, and some of the nicest, personable people I've ever met. The class was great and has given me the inspiration to move forward in my career. Anyone taking this course will not be disappointed. FlightBridgeED rocks!!
Michael | EMT-P
I absolutely loved the way the course broke down topics to the nuts and bolts, allowing me to understand the physiology instead of just how to take a test! Because I was able to understanding the material in a way that worked perfect for me, the test was much easier!
Ryan | Paramedic
During my critical care transport career, I have had the opportunity to attend various review classes and FlightbridgeED is by far the best I have experienced. The team does a phenomenal job of making difficult subject easy to understand. I highly recommend FlightbridgeED to anyone seeking to further their career through advanced certification, or just improving clinical knowledge.
Harry | FP-C
The FP-C / CFRN Review Course was an awesome source of information. There were several topics that I previously felt strong on, but the class further enriched what I knew and I felt more prepared. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge with more FlightBridgeED classes in the future!
Oliver | EMT-P
The FlightBridgeED FP-C / CFRN Review Course was a fantastic opportunity to learn and prepare for the FP-C test. Everything was presented in a way that made it much easier to understand and you could tell the instructors are experts at teaching and working in a Critical Care environment.
William | EMT-P
This class was absolutely phenomenal. The information was intense, but the presentation made it easy to understand.
I truly enjoy the FlightBridgeED Podcasts and I had no doubt that the FP-C Review Course would be anything other than amazing. You guys ROCK!!!
April | EMT-P
I took my FP-C exam today and passed on the first attempt! I am thankful for all of the exceptional materials that FlightBridgeED has made available. In addition to listening to your podcasts, I used your books and online practice exams. Again, thank you for everything that you do to help all of us in the critical care and flight community.
M Smith | FP-C
The FP-C / CFRN Review Course was very well delivered and so informative. Each section was packed with tons of information, without being overwhelming. The instructors were very knowledgable about each subject and it was such a pleasure to learn from them.
Margy | RN
The FlightBridgeED FP-C / CFRN Review Course was an incredible review - especially IABP and ECG breakdown. The instructors were incredible at presenting the information in an easy to understand way. Thank you for helping me feel more confident.
Tony | FP-C
The FlightBridgED FP-C / CFRN Review Course is well organized and prepared material. It is very beneficial for those new to the critical care and also those who have been doing it a long time.
The continued support that is available on the website and the podcasts are invaluable.
B. Kauffman | EMT-P
I took the FP-C exam yesterday and passed on my first attempt! I used all of the FlightBridgeED study tools - I failed the online practice exams, but was able to utilize them as learning tools. I just wanted to thank you all for having this program, as an adult learner, father, full-time paramedic, FTO and teacher, this program is something I highly recommend.
J. La Femina | FP-C
FlightBridgeED has a great team of instructors and the courses are comprehensive and stimulating. The FP-C / CFRN Review Course more than prepares you ready for the advanced certification exams.
The cardiology and ventilator management portions are amazing topics that will challenge the most seasoned provider. I highly recommended FlightBridgeED for anyone seeking advanced medical knowledge for EMS and HEMS.
John | BS, FP-C
It is apparent how valuable the FP-C / CFRN Review Course material is. Every flight program should incorporate this course into their training program.
Kyle | EMT-P
I prepared to take the FP-C exam using The FlightBridgeED Podcast, the Ventilation Management book and the online practice exams. I am proud to say that I successfully passed the FP-C exam on my first attempt. I can honestly say that I would not have been successful in this endeavor without FlightBridgeED. Also, I can't thank them enough for the way they support the critical care and EMS professions - helping prepare clinicians to advance their careers.
C. Smith | FP-C
I have known the FlightBridgeED instructors personally for more than two decades. I have watched them grow up in EMS and flourish into the consummate professionals they are today. FlightBridgeED has become the preeminent educational leader in the industry. Few instructors have the intelligence, natural talent, personality and passion to grow and educate an industry that FlightBridgeED does. FlightBridgeED has set the bar; moving the industry forward and establishing new standards.
David | EMT-P
The FP-C / CFRN Review Course is an awesome class! Top notch, very professional, and well worth the time and money. The instructors are incredible and the educational materials are the best on the market!
Ryan | PhD, MHA, RN, CEN, NEA-BC
I have utilized the FP-C / CFRN Review Course curriculum as a road map for success on the FP-C and the CCP-C exam and in my career. I highly recommend the course for anyone that aspires to work in a critical care field.
Klay | M.P.A., NREMT-P, Instructor
The FP-C / CFRN Review Course was intense! It is very apparent how excited and passionate the instructors are about what they are teaching.  It was infectious -  it made me excited too! Thanks for the wonderful experience!
Gracie | FP-C
I took your Review Course in Tulsa, studied the review book and took advantage of the two free weeks of Online Practice Exams. I took FP-C exam and passed the first time.
The wealth of knowledge I gained from the review course, the books, and the confidence I gained through using the online practice exams is a learning system unsurpassed by any other review course providers.
Chris | FP-C
I used your in-person class to pass my FP-C & listen to all of the family of podcasts. I would love to attend the conference to learn from high-caliber educators and clinicians. Thanks for all you do!
Jess M.
This is an intense 3 day course, and the material covered is high level stuff. My instructors were able to teach in a way that was both applicable to practical field application and engaging.
The course materials are also awesome - they allowed me to focus on the lecture provided instead of having my head buried in a note pad, trying to keep up the whole time.
The material in the CFRN review course was delivered in a manner that helped me clarify and solidify concepts that I, a critical care transport nurse, apply to every single aspect of my practice. The course not only prepared me for the CFRN, but it enhanced my critical thinking and overall made me a better provider.
This class was the best course I've taken. The knowledge base of the instructors is phenomenal. They were able to take new concepts I haven't learned before and make them easily retained.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge and improve their clinical skills.
G. Hastings | FP-C
Taking the review courses was an incredible experience and the instructors were committed to the success of each student . There is something here for all providers and all experience levels.
C. Winniford | FP-C, CCP-C
The amount of detail in the FP-C / CFRN Review Course was excellent. The instructors knew how to help everyone understand the physiology and how to apply that to both exam preparation and real world application. I loved everything about the course. 
Patrick Buckles | ATP, EMT-P
The material in the FP-C / CFRN Review Course is broken down to examine each subject thoroughly and given real world scenarios based on instructor experience. They truly have mastered a great form of teaching and presenting their concepts to everyone.
D. Newsom | FP-C
The FlightBridgeED FP-C / CFRN Review Course has great material presented in a easy-to-understand way. This material not only helps the student pass the exams, but also helps the student become a better clinician overall.
Cassie | EMT-LP, RN
What you should expect to learn
The FlightBridgeED Air & Surface Transport Symposium brings together the most influential voices in the pre-hospital, critical care, emergency medicine, and medical research industries. These aren't you average bloggers turned self-proclaimed "experts". These are the influencers who have shaped how we practice medicine.

In each of these 20-minute talks, a giant of the industry delivers incredibly relevant, modern, and evidence-based medical education that can be applied to your practice. In addition, COVD has changed the way we all live and work. We have seen the trajectory of medicine change as a result. Get incredible insights from each speaker on how you can operate more effectively in the wake of changes we now live with as a result of the pandemic.
Don't settle for standard. You are the difference.
If you love the FAST21 Virtual REPLAY, why not join us in person May 9 -11, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV for FAST22? Tickets are on sale now right here...
Approvals, accreditations, and affiliations
This course has been approved for 12 CE hours via CAPCE for Paramedics and ANCC for Nurses.
License term
1-Year license term starting on the date purchased.
Sessions and talks
2 Days | 8 Sessions | 26 Talks | 12 CE hours

Sam Ireland - A Place for your Brain
What do creative people fear? They fear losing what they have - creativity. In this talk, we will discover what makes and breaks creativity, as well as what finding a place for our brain really means to us as individuals.

Zaffer Qasim - Whole blood in trauma: better than the sum of its parts?
You may have heard that whole blood in trauma resuscitation is slowly making a comeback after decades of use on the battlefield. But what is it? And is it any good for our patients? This talk will delve into our current understanding of the role of whole blood including the evolving evidence.

Jeff Jarvis - The Best of the EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast
You want EMS research? YOU CAN'T HANDLE EMS RESEARCH! OK, so that's obviously not true, but it always goes down better in a nice TL;DR version. And that's what Dr. Jarvis will happily present.

Day 1 | Mid-Morning Session

Eric Miller - Conversational Inertia - What You Don't Say Could Kill You!
A conversation at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by some outside force" - Conversational Inertia. While an adaptation of the physical principle any married couple knows the feeling of lying in bed and not being able to open their mouth about problems. The same is true in every aspect of life. In an aircraft, however, this can be deadly. Conversational Inertia - What You Don't Say Could Kill You discusses one dark terrifying night high over the Colorado mountains.

Peter Antevy - Hail to the Receptor In Chief - NMDA As A Panacea for Pre-Hospital Care
NMDA is an amino acid derivative that acts as a specific agonist at the NMDA receptor mimicking the action of glutamate, the neurotransmitter which normally acts at that receptor. Many times as providers we reach into our toolbox of medications to treat our patients, but sometimes we forget to consider exactly what is happening within the smallest structures of the body when we give those injections. In this talk, Dr. Peter Antevy dives into the brain, some medication receptors in the brain, and wraps it up with an incredible case study.

Mike Verkest & Ritu Sahni - SecondShift Podcast
SecondShift takes over FAST21 Virtual. We had something else planned, but you know how these guys roll... divas. :) If you have never listened to the SecondShift podcast and this is your first exposure to it, you'll love this talk. Go back and subscribe, listen to the entire library. Actually, BINGE the entire library. The guys have discussions about all things EMS and we take all the filters off. Often raw, always real talk from the FlightBridgeED team!

Day 1 | Afternoon Session

Faizan Arshad - PEA: Bringing the Hs & Ts to Life Through Prehospital Ultrasound
Performing an assessment for the Hs & Ts on a patient during an OHCA can be both futile and barbaric, with unnecessary procedures that are unlikely to benefit the patient when executed blindly. Half the battle is being able to see beyond the curve. Even better, using point-of-care ultrasound can give us a direct 'sonographic' window into our patient's pathology. Learning to use ultrasound in the prehospital sphere is not only feasible but can help take our resuscitation skills to the next level. Let's bring this pathology to life using ultrasound so we can target our differentials and interventions to optimize improvement in patient outcomes!

Eric Bauer - Silent Killers in Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation
For years we have treated pediatric patients like small adults; nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true when it comes to mechanical ventilation techniques. In this talk, Eric shines a light on some of the most common issues that plague pediatric mechanical ventilation therapy. This is an incredibly important talk which is rich in content and timely as it pertains not only to the "before time," but also the "after time" as COVID cases linger.

Ritu Sahni -  Avoid Those H-Bombs. Improving TBI Outcomes
There is finally data that shows that consistent pre-hospital care can improve outcomes in TBI patients! Understand what the data shows and why it all makes sense. Leave with some ideas on how to implement a TBI bundle of care!

Nyssa Hattay & Lisa Fountain (The Q Word Podcast) - Pulse Ox and Dark Skin
Pulse oximetry is a fundamental diagnostic tool in medicine, but it is not calibrated to accurately read 13% of the population: black America. Nyssa and Lisa discuss this technology, and its widespread application, as well as one significant problem inherent in its design which came to light during COVID. They investigate short and long-term solutions you can use in your medical practice.

Day 1 | Evening Session

Mark Betterton - It's all in the 'P'
Perfusion is more than just blood pressure. While BP is certainly part of it, poor perfusion is really poor end-organ perfusion. There are many pieces that go into creating good perfusion and in this talk, Mark breaks down how we can maximize perfusion for our patients. One of the most important organs to perfuse in a shock state is the kidneys. To get good perfusion you have got to get good "p".

Geoff Murphy - Purposeful Practice: Leading you and your team to better clinical decisions
One of the most important aspects of pro sports is practice. As the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect." That phrase has changed a bit in recent years to "practice until you can't get it wrong." That same concept has now spilled over into medical practice - we PRACTICE medicine, after all, right? If you are going to practice something until you "can't get it wrong" you should enjoy it, wouldn't you agree. This talk discusses how we can train the next generation, or even train ourselves to practice until we can't get it wrong and to enjoy the practice.

Chris Delp - Little Did They Know
The gut is an incredibly important thing. It's smarter than your brain sometimes and more powerful than a computer. When you walk into a room you begin using your gut - you begin to collect data from everything around you. Everything from what your senses tell you to the look on the ER doc's face when he is about to insert the tube on a difficult airway. During patient care it's important to collect data and to analyze that data on the fly continuously evaluating where we are, what worked, who is around us, why do they have a fish hook in their leg? All those are good questions and making decisions doesn't have to be from a textbook - it can be a weighted data analysis decision based on your gut.

Day 2 | Morning Session

Allen Wolfe - From Nurse to Patient in an Instant: A Case Study
On a warm spring day, a helicopter transporting a critically ill patient crashed on final approach to the hospital’s helipad. The occupants all experience significant injury. The first responders were the flight team of the program involved in the incident and the hospital staff of the trauma resuscitation unit. Providing care for the severely ill patient can be a challenge for the most experienced clinician. This situation is compounded when the patient is a co-worker. What ensues is a wide range of emotions and challenges for patients and staff. What occurred after this tragedy challenged both the clinical focus and the work environment of the program.

Brian Burns - Incremental improvement in RSI performance
This talk will describe the incremental improvements in governance, systems, and performance in prehospital RSI by Sydney HEMS.

Charlie Swearingen - Track the Moose - Modern Perfusion Assessment
In this short course, we will investigate several elements that are sometimes missed or not focused on enough in advanced and critical care: perfusion. To properly assess perfusion, a novel approach via the acronym MOSE (pronounced like 'moose') has been devised and employed by Charles F. Swearingen to help clinicians keep the foundational elements of perfusion into perspective.

Day 2 | Mid-Morning Session

Tyler Christifulli - Stuart Little: Introduction to Stewart Acid-Base Interpretation for the Critical Care Provider
“Stewart Little: Introduction to Stewart Acid-Base Interpretation for the Critical Care Provider” 1. Define the differences between Henderson Hasselbalch and Stewart approach to acid-base interpretation. 2. Describe the practical application of Stewart’s approach to acid-base. 3. Apply integration to a case study.

Chris Meeks - The Way We Go to Work
During 2018 my pilot experienced a seizure at the controls. After nearly losing my life and subsequently entering a pandemic the way I approach going to work or taking a flight has drastically changed. In this talk, I will cover the important steps that we should all be taking when we go to work.

Kolby Kolbet - Leading from the Stands
Do you remember when you decided to pursue medicine? Do you remember all those people who told you that you couldn't do it? What about that one person who said you could? We all have voices in our lives that help us to determine the choices we make - who drive us to success maybe even to success beyond what we imagined for ourselves. It's important not only to have those people in your life, but it's important to be that person in someone else's life. All experts used to be novices - you weren't born knowing what you know now. Share your knowledge and share your passion. Find the potential in someone else and foster the confidence in them to be able to walk that out.

Day 2 | Afternoon Session

Kris Kaull - Stupidity: Its Role in Critical Care Medicine
Originally based on a conversation between (former Canadian Spy) Shane Parrish and Adam Robinson (Chess Master who cracked the SAT) on Farnham Street, we’ll discuss the specific risk factors that increase the likelihood of stupid decisions. What’s the parallel? Well, those identical risk factors are unfortunately the exact challenges faced by critical care clinicians on a daily basis.

Scott Bourn - Case Studies in Respiratory Compromise
In this talk, Scott Bourn breaks down a number of very interesting respiratory cases and how their individual cases were handled. We can all learn something from the experiences of others, both good and bad. Learn the specifics of how to tackle some of the most complicated case studies in respiratory compromise.

Cynthia Griffin - FFS FONA: Avoid a Charlie Fox Cric & Being Successful at the Surgical Airway
How to be successful at front of neck access and the surgical airway. I will review complications that can be encountered during the high-risk / low-frequency procedure of the cricothyrotomy on the can't intubate-can't oxygenate patient and how to overcome them.

Day 2 | Evening Session

Allen Wolfe - Advances in Mechanical Circulatory Support: The Heartmate 3 Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are emerging as the treatment of choice for advanced heart failure due to the dearth of healthy donor hearts for cardiac transplantation. The HeartMate 3 LVAD is a novel centrifugal pump that was developed to provide hemodynamic support in heart failure patients, either as a bridge to transplant (BTT), myocardial recovery or as destination therapy (DT). This lecture will provide insight into patient management and the operation of this latest technology.

James DuCanto - Deep Diving the Micro Skills of Airway Management
Performance of airway management requires coordination of multiple maneuvers, in sequence, in the appropriate order, and at the appropriate time. We will explore the world of 'small maneuvers' that pay huge dividends during basic and advanced airway management.

Dave Olvera - VIPER (Vasopressor Intravenous Push to Enhance Resuscitation) Study Update
Dave Olvera discusses the current research on push-dose pressors and what we are doing to bridge the gap ‎for peri-intubation arrests. He will review what we've used in the past for adjuncts and discuss the outcomes of ‎the VIPER study, a two-year evaluation of the use of phenylephrine and vasopressin as push-dose pressors for ‎peri-intubation arrest. Additionally, he will discuss how we determined the appropriate time to give a ‎push-dose pressor and the clinical outcomes of the research.

Eric Bauer - Shoshin
In this talk, Eric Bauer discusses his own journey to mastery - mastery in life, mastery in practice, mastery in business. The concepts presented in his talk are designed to broaden your mind to the possibilities of what can be accomplished when you live a life open to learning. Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." Let go of preconceptions and experience the joy of discovery.

Speaker profiles


Sam Ireland



FOAMfrat - Partner, Director

Website: http://www.foamfrat.com

FaceBook: https://facebook.com/FOAMfrat/

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Speaker Bio

Sam Ireland, CCP, FP-C is a critical care paramedic with an interest in advancing skills in resuscitation, research, and best practices. Sam is a partner and director at FOAMfrat, LLC. He is also an instructor for paramedics and nurses through FOAMfrat, as well as a blogger, podcaster, and vlogger. In addition to speaking at the conference level, Sam also teaches approximately 30 different classes per month through the FOAMfrat platform. Previously Sam taught monthly training and operated simulations at Lifestar EMS for several years.


Zaffer Qasim



Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zaffer-qasim-3b371a21/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ResusOne

Speaker Bio

Dr. Qasim is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Karachi. He completed residency and fellowship training in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in the United Kingdom, where he also worked as an attending (consultant) emergency physician and operational EMS physician. He moved to the United States to complete training in Trauma/Surgical Critical Care at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Philadelphia. His academic interests lie in advanced trauma and endovascular resuscitation, airway management, simulation, and prehospital care. You can follow him on Twitter: @ResusOne


 Jeff Jarvis



FlightbridgeED - Chief Medical Officer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJeffJarvis


Speaker Bio

Dr. Jeff Jarvis is the EMS Medical Director for Williamson County EMS and Marble Falls Area EMSin Central Texas as well as the Chief Medical Officer for FlightbridgeED. He maintains his clinical practice at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Round Rock, Texas. He is board-certified in both Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services. He began his career in EMS over 30 years ago, has worked in three states as a paramedic, and retains his active paramedic license today. He teaches extensively and has authored multiple articles on EMS issues in both peer-reviewed and industry journals. His research interests include airway management and clinical performance measures. He discusses EMS research on his podcast “EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast” and looks forward to hearing comments or feedback on Twitter @DrJeffJarvis.


Eric Miller



CEO/Co-Founder of PIACET

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PIACETAPP
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/17992062/admin

Instagram: @piacetapp @vaxlocker @flyingfocker

Speaker Bio

Eric Miller has 30+ years of domestic and international experience within Intensive Care, Philanthropy, and Enterprise. Whether working an aeromedical mission, leading a non-profit organization, or developing a flourishing tech business, his focus is to enrich the lives of individuals by providing the very best care, support, and applications.

Featured in: Vigor Magazine / Profile July 2009 - Amazon Worst-Selling Co-Author of "Hope in Despair" - LIVESTRONG: Cancer Survivorship Stories / Book - Profiled 2004 - CNN; MSNBC; Wall Street Journal; USA Today / Profiles 2001-2010


Peter Antevy



Medical Director of Davie Fire-Rescue

and Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department.

Chief Medical Officer of Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Handtevy/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pediatric-emergency-standards
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHandtevy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Handtevy
Website: https://www.handtevy.com/
Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Peter M. Antevy, MD is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine (EM) physician practicing in-hospital emergency medical care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, a level I trauma and tertiary care center in South Florida. Board-certified in pediatrics, emergency medicine, and the complex subspecialty of EMS, he is also the founder and chief medical officer of Handtevy -Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc., and he serves as the Medical Director for Davie Fire-Rescue, Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Rescue, Southwest Ranches Fire Rescue, and MCT Express, all in South Florida. Dr. Antevyalso serves as associate Medical Director for several other agencies including Palm Beach County, Florida and he is also the longstanding medical director for two highly-regarded paramedic training programs as well as several mobile integrated healthcare (MIHC) programs in greater Broward County, Florida. Dr. Antevy was recently appointed to serve as the lead pediatric EMSspecialist/consultant for the highly influential Metropolitan EMS Medical Directors Coalition. This highly cohesive international consortium, known for envelope-pushing education and operational advances in 9-1-1 care, is largely composed of the jurisdictional, accountable medical directors of the 50 to 60 largest municipalities in the U.S. and Europe as well as several key U.S. federal agencies. In turn, he has been the recipient of many regional, national, and international honors and awards including the 2014 Raymond H. Alexander EMS Medical Director of the Year in Florida and the 2015 EMS 10 Innovator of the Year Award from the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. In2017, he was awarded the prestigious Ron J.Anderson Memorial Award in Dallas, TX, the international public health service accolade bestowed for his far-reaching public health contributions in emergency medical care, particularly for his efforts to improve outcomes for critically ill and injured children. In 2018, Peter was named National Medical Director of the Year by the NAEMT. At the same time, Dr. Antevy remains a grounded, in-the-trenches EMS medical director as exemplified by his recent intrepid on-scene patient care at the Parkland, Florida high school shooting incident and, in turn, his connected follow-up of patients, families, and rescuers. A world-class lecturer and training expert, he has become an admired and sought-after educator-speaker for innumerable state and national conferences.


Mike Verkest



FlightbridgeED - Manager of Media Production

EMS Training Officer / Captain at Clackamas (EMS Division)

Founder / Owner FireDog Productions

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-verkest-b53a2827

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Mike Verkest is a man of many talents. Not only is he the "voice" of FlightBridgeED, he is also the Manager of Media Production. In addition, he is the founder and owner of FireDog Productions and EMS training officer / Captain at Clackamas FD (EMS Division).
Mike is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in EMS administration. He serves on the Oregon Medical Board on the EMS advisory subcommittee. His awards and accolades are numerous - 2004 American Ambulance Association ”Star of Life Award” winner 2009 State of Oregon EMS Office ”EMS Impact Award” Recipient 2011 ”CEO for a day” regional and national winner for Envision Healthcare/AMR 2012 ”CEO for a day” regional and national finalist for Envision Healthcare/AMR 2012 Poster Presentation IHI National Forum – Trigger tool in EMS for Detecting Adverse Events 2013 Oregon Stroke Network Panel Member 2014 Oregon Health Authority ”EMS Community Service Award” Recipient 2015 Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium ”Excellence in EMS Research” Award Recipient 2016 Fire Chief Leadership Award 2017 Fire Chief Leadership Award 2020 Fire Chief Leadership Award 2020 Unit Citation - Coronavirus Taskforce 2020 Unit Citation - Historic Wildfire Response 2017 Professional Excellence Award 2018 Professional Excellence Award. He also has quite a library of published works and continues to a primary instructor for FlightBridgeED.
When he isn't carrying all this weight you can find him down at his favorite watering hole with his good friend Dr. Ritu Sahni as they record the SecondShift podcast - a podcast that is always real, sometimes raw, and continues to be the best EMS podcast in the world.**

(** This statement has not been FDA approved, but it probably will be eventually.)


Ritu Sahni



FlightbridgeED - Associate Medical Director - Podcast Division

Twitter: https://twitter.com/md59

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rsahni/

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/ritu.sahni

Speaker Bio

Ritu Sahni serves as Associate Medical Director of FlightBridgeEd’s Podcast Division. He is a co-host, with Mike Verkest, of the immensely popular SecondShiftPodcast. In 28 years of practice, Ritu has a wide range of experience in EMS and emergency medicine. He has served as Medical Director for air, critical care ground, and 9-1-1 ground EMS systems. These systems include hospital-based, municipal, private, and fire-based agencies. Ritu values national service and spent significant energy working to improve EMS as a profession and as a medical service. He was President of the National Association of EMS Physicians and served many years as Chair of the NAEMSP Advocacy Committee. He was a member of the first National EMS Advisory Council and has been on the Board of the National Registry of EMTs and Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for the EMS Professions. Ritu has appeared in the Major League movie series as well as the TNT television show Leverage. He was also the backup point guard for the 1989 National Championship Michigan Basketball team. One of the above statements is false.


Faizan Arshad



EMS Medical Director NuVance Health

Assistant Residency Program Director

EMS Division Chief Vassar Brothers Medical Center

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PrehospitalNation/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emscritcare?lang=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ems_nation?lang=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faizan-arshad-64243790/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3uk6KQH_AI25a_5RzncSMA

 Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Faizan H. Arshad, MD, is the EMS Medical Director for Vassar Brothers Medical Center, part of NuVance Health. With an undergraduate background in Sociology and Psychology, he graduated from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine - Honors Program in medical education - and pursued specialty training in Emergency Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He completed his EMS fellowship with the Fire Department of New York City while serving as Assistant Medical Director of Manhattan. He then served as the Associate EMS Fellowship Director at Newark Beth Israel Hospital and Deputy System Medical Director for MONOCEMS in the state of New Jersey. His interests include endurance training, cardiac arrest outcomes research, and tactical medicine, having also served with law enforcement as a TEMS physician. He is the founder of the EMS Nation podcast and blog and is an editorial board member of the Journal of EMS (JEMS). Most recently he has elected to serve his country as a critical care retrievalist physician in the United States Air Force Reserves.


Eric Bauer



FlightbridgeED - President

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/flightbridgeed

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flightbridgeed

Instagram: https://instagram.com/flightbridgeed

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FlightbridgeedHEMS

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/flightbridgeed 

Website: https://flightbridgeed.com

Website: https://fastsymposium.com

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Eric Bauer is the President of FlightBridgeED, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LifeLink III. Eric has worked in the EMS field for 29 years with the past 18 years spent in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) industry. Eric is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, and educator. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business - Healthcare Administration and a Master's of Business Administration - MBA. He has spoken on many critical care topics as an educator and author. He has produced over 190 critical care podcasts related to the pre-hospital critical care industry, with over 1 million unique downloads each year. Eric was awarded the 2017 EMS WORLD Innovation Award for his Ventilator Management: A Pre-hospital Perspective book and Ventilator Management Course and is the recipient of the 2018 John Jordan Award for Excellence in Transport Medicine Journalism by the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association - ASTNA.


Lisa Fountain


Education Coordinator in Harvard School of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

The Q Word Podcast Co-host

Website: http://www.theqwordpodcast.com


Speaker Bio

An art major and a theatre major meet in college. 30 years later, the artist is a mother of 4 and a trauma nurse, and the theatre major is a Harvard administrator working with pre-med students -- and the friendship has never been stronger. Share our stories, listen to interviews, laugh a little with us, and learn something new as Nurse Nyssa teaches neophyte Lisa about the wild, stressful, wonderful, terrifying, often sad, sometimes hilarious world of the ER.


Nyssa Hattaway



AirLife 1, Griffin, Georgia, Flight Nurse

The Q Word Podcast Co-host

Website: http://www.theqwordpodcast.com


Speaker Bio

An art major and a theatre major meet in college. 30 years later, the artist is a mother of 4 and a trauma nurse, and the theatre major is a Harvard administrator working with pre-med students -- and the friendship has never been stronger. Share our stories, listen to interviews, laugh a little with us, and learn something new as Nurse Nyssa teaches neophyte Lisa about the wild, stressful, wonderful, terrifying, often sad, sometimes hilarious world of the ER.


Mark Betterton



FlightBridgeED - Director of Clinical Education

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/flightbridgeed

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flightbridgeed

Instagram: https://instagram.com/flightbridgeed

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FlightbridgeedHEMS

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbetterton 

Website: https://flightbridgeed.com

Website: https://fastsymposium.com

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Mark Betterton is the Director of Education at FlightBridgeED. He is responsible for the collaborative development, implementation, and continuous pursuit of clinical excellence by providing the highest quality clinical education, training, and leadership. Mark has oversight of all initial, recurrent, and continuing education for FlightBridgeED.

Mark is a highly regarded critical care paramedic and EMS educator, with more than 30 years of experience in EMS. Mark began his career as a Corpsman in the United States Navy and then transitioned to the civilian sector to continue to serve his community. Before joining FlightBridgeED, Mark held various roles such as EMS Faculty Member, EMS Program Director, and Regional Clinical Director. Mark is a subject matter expert in mechanical ventilation and critical care resuscitation, as well as curriculum development and high fidelity simulation. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Troy University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership. Mark is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Development and Instruction.


 Geoff Murphy


Owner of Master your Medics & Senior Instructor

Website: https://www.masteryourmedics.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/MasterYourMedics

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masteryourmedics/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9fx52NmxWq1CK01qeoh9Q

Speaker Bio

Geoff Murphy, Owner of Master your Medics & Senior Instructor, is an active flight paramedic in EMS for the past 8 years. When he became an instructor he became committed to teaching students "why" things are done the way they are rather than just teaching the "how" - to dig below the surface of medicine and truly understand it. Geoff has taught thousands of EMS students, several EMS colleges, and provided consultation to colleges to help improve their courses. He is committed to helping his students and the industry he loves achieve success in taking the next big step forward.


Chris Delp



LifeLink III - Associate Medical Director

St. Luke's Hospital (Duluth, MN) - Stroke Program Medical Director

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Chris Delp is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians with a dedicated interest in the broad field of Emergency Medicine. This has led him to become the associate medical director of the Lifelink III aeromedical Program, the largest Aeromedical consortium in the nation. He is also the medical director of the St Luke’s stroke program, the first to offer interventional stroke treatment in the region. Dr. Delp graduated from the University of Nebraska with a master's degree in molecular biology and went on to graduate from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. He was awarded the Silver Stroke Award from the AHA in 2015, the Lifetime Dedication to Medicine Award from the Lake Superior Medical Society in 2014, and the Emergency Medical Service Leadership Award from EMS Rathke in 2011. Dr. Delp has published numerous articles, and papers over his career as well as an accomplished speaker.


Allen C. Wolfe, Jr.



Life Link III Senior Director of Education

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/allen-wolfe-b16356185

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Allen Wolfe is the Senior Director for LifeLink III in Minneapolis. Minnesota. He is responsible for the initial, recurrent education and clinical performance of LifeLink III 100 plus clinicians at 11 bases in Minnesota and Wisconsin. His position requires him to be a key strategic collaborator and leader for FlightbridgeED, the most successful prehospital provider for advanced certification and podcast owned by LifeLink III. Allen Wolfe formerly was Director of Clinical Education and Co-Chair of the Clinical Quality Council for Air Methods Corporation in Denver, Colorado. He was responsible for the initial, continuing education, and clinical quality assurance for 170 bases and over 1400 clinical employees. Air Methods Corporation is the largest air medical transport company in the world on one aviation certificate. Mr. Wolfe started his career in air medical transport in 1990 as a flight nurse for MedSTAR Transport in Washington, DC. His time prior to joining MedStar was entrenched in critical care and trauma resuscitation at large inner-city hospitals. In 2000, he became Chief Flight Nurse/Critical Care Clinical Specialist for the program. Allen is one of the leading experts in the country in the prehospital management of Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs). He developed a color-coding system for prehospital management which was later adopted by Abbott, Inc as part of their patient teaching for EMS across the globe and a joint commission best practice. In 2010, he became the Regional Clinical Director for Air Methods Corporation’s western region and later became the Director of Education in 2012. He is a major speaker at conferences in the US and abroad. He has published multiple articles, research projects, and is the co-editor of the Principle and Practice textbook, the industry's biggest-selling publication. In 2007, he received the Katz-Mason award by Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA), the Community Service Award for his LVAD patient safety initiative, the Jordan award in 2009 for outstanding contribution to air medical journalism, the Barbara A. Hess award in 2010 for outstanding contribution to education and in 2017 he received the prestigious Marriott-Carlson Lifetime achievement award. He was the president of ASTNA (2014), was appointed to the Board of Directors for Certification for Emergency Nurses.


Brian Burns



Greater Sydney Area HEMS, NSW Ambulance, Australia

The University of Sydney | Discipline of Emergency Medicine

Website: https://sydneyhems.com/

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Brian-Burns-3

Website: https://resuscitology.com/


Speaker Bio

Emergency physician. Prehospital and retrieval medicine specialist in Sydney. Resuscitation and trauma researcher. Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine Sydney University. Senior Lecturer, Centre for Neuroscience and Trauma, Blizard Institute, QMUL, UK. Faculty at https://resuscitology.com/


Charlie Swearingen



President of MeduPros.com

Sensei of North American Rescue

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charlie.swearingen

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/swearingen13

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecharlieswearingen/


Speaker Bio

Charlie Swearingen, #13 for the men’s national sitting volleyball team, has been with United States of America Volleyball (USAV) for over a decade and has rostered on every consecutive national team competition since 2010. He competed in the 2016 Rio Summer Games at the Paralympics, as well 3 world championships and 3 ParaPan Am Games competitions. He was born without bones in his foot, so his doctors amputated his feet and gave him prosthetics-and he has been kicking down obstacles since. In addition to volleyball, Charlie is an accomplished flight paramedic and businessman as he owns a critical care education business, Meducation Specialists (dba MeduPros.com). He also is on the board of 2 different charities: Chive Charities (associated with the Chive) out of Austin, TX, and EMS Success out of Oklahoma City, OK. He currently resides with his wife, Marge, and is in a relentless pursuit for the Tokyo Games this summer.


Tyler Christifulli



FOAMfrat - Partner & Director of Creative Development

Website: http://www.foamfrat.com

FaceBook: https://facebook.com/FOAMfrat/

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Tyler Christifulli, CCP, FP-C, NRP, is a flight paramedic for LifeLink III in St. Paul, Minn. He is the co-creator of the FOAMfrat blog and podcast and an active educator for FlightBridgeED. Coming up on 11 years in EMS, Tyler is focused on innovating the ways in which we teach emergency and critical care medicine.


Chris Meeks

FP-C, CCP-C, Paramedic


Creator and host of Mind Body Medic Podcast

FaceBook: https://facebook.com/mbodymedic

Website: https://www.mindbodymedic.com/

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Speaker Bio

Chris Meeks is a flight paramedic and clinical supervisor in Oklahoma. He is the founder and producer of the Mind Body Medic Podcast which has been in partnership with FlightBridgeEd since 2019. Chris is a full-time student working his way towards medical school with the hopes of remaining in prehospital medicine as a physician. He has been an EMS educator and instructor for 3 years, most recently teaching with the FlightbridgeEd team. His passion is for education and mentoring the young and new clinicians with a drive for critical care.


Kolby Kolbet



LifeLink III - Vice President of Clinical Services

 Professional email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Prior to joining Life Link III, Kolby was Chief Flight Nurse and Nurse Educator at Gundersen Lutheran MedLink AIR in La Crosse, WI. Kolby also worked in the hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Center, Specialty Care Transport, and the Pediatric and Neonatal ICU. He earned his B.S. in Nursing from Allen College in Waterloo, IA, and obtained his M.S. in Nursing Education from Viterbo University in La Crosse. He is a Certified Medical Transport Executive (CMTE), Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN), and Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP). Kolby currently serves as faculty for the Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) and is an active member of the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA). Prior to becoming a nurse, Kolby was a paramedic and a Volunteer First Responder and EMT in New Hampton, Iowa.


Kris Kaull



Pulsara - Chief Marketing Officer

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/kriskaull
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kriskaull
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kriskaull
Website: https://www.pulsara.com/bio/kris-kaull
Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Speaker Bio

Kris Kaull has driven innovation and positive change in EMS for nearly 30 years. He combined his love for EMS and technology, developing new information sources and platforms that improve patient care and EMS operations. Today, Kris is regarded as a leading expert in EMS, healthcare, online media, and technology. After beginning his career as a firefighter and EMT, Kris started paramedic.com and then co-founded EMS1.com, which today is a leading online paramedic resource. He's worked as a firefighter captain, paramedic, and ambulance service director and, most recently, practiced as a critical care flight paramedic covering rural Montana and Yellowstone National Park. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pulsara, a healthcare communications technology company. As Pulsara’s CMO, Kris leads the company’s efforts in expanding market reach, partnership development, and overall strategic business growth. Kris regularly speaks and writes on topics ranging from technology to current clinical issues to leadership — all with a focus on the importance of the human connection. He’s known for his TEDx talk “Creating Calm Within Chaos.” As a dad of 2 and a husband of 1, Kris is a budding polymath (or is an epistemophiliac?) who is continually on the search for trivia, life hacks, and great dad jokes. He enjoys the outdoors and wishes he could spend more time in the mountains skiing, mountain biking, and climbing.


Scott Bourn



ESO Solutions Vice President Clinical & Quality & Impact

Professional email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Bio

Scott Bourn PhD, RN, FACHE has a rich and diverse background in emergency medical services, emergency & critical care nursing, and education. His career roles include field paramedic, emergency department and critical care nurse, EMS system coordinator, director of a university EMS degree program, and senior clinical executive for two large national health delivery organizations. He has also published over 200 articles, columns, and video learning modules, and has delivered lectures throughout North America. His research, writing, and lecture topics focus on defining, measuring, and improving patient outcomes and experience. Dr. Bourn has held numerous regional and national leadership positions including Colorado State EMS and Trauma Advisory Council for nine years (5 as Chair); National Association of EMS Educators Board 2007-2015 (President 2013-2015); Liaison to the National Association of EMS Physicians Board 2013- 2015; Advocates for EMS Board 2010-2013 (President 2012-2013).


Cynthia Griffin



Flight Physician University of Wisconsin Medflight, Emergency Department Physician St. Agnes SSM

Website: (in Progress  http://www.MedflihgtPhysician.com

Professional email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Griffin is a fellowship-trained Flight Physician, currently practicing HEMS in central Wisconsin with UW Medflight and community emergency medicine in Fond du Lac at St. Agnes SSM.  Her Flight fellowship was completed in 2015 with the University of Wisconsin.  She was Emergency Medicine Boarded after completing an Emergency Medicine Residency at MCV-VCU. She obtained her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011.  She continues to renew her paramedic status and has been in EMS since 1998.  She had been a career medic for 10 years before attending medical school and EMS will always be her first love. Dr. Griffin continues to advocate for EMS clinicians/medics/EMTs, is on the Air MedicalPhysician Associations Board, and actively supports FOAMFRAT as one of their OGs.


James DuCanto



Flight Physician University of Wisconsin Medflight, Emergency Department Physician St. Agnes SSM

Website: (in Progress  http:/ www.MedflihgtPhysician.com

Professional email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. James DuCanto is a United States-trained anesthesiologist with 25 years of experience in private practice.  He has a varied background in the practice of anesthesiology ranging from ambulatory anesthesia cases, general and vascular surgery, orthopedics, obstetrical anesthesia, complex spine and neurosurgery, and specifically, complex otolaryngology - head and neck surgery cases and plastics. He is specifically referred cases that involve complex or difficult airway management, both in the operating room as well as institution-wide.  Dr, DuCanto served as institutional Quality Officer of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 2013-2015 (an elected medical staff position). I have served as a medical education coordinator and instructor to medical students and resident physicians within my institution for 17 years and has mentored anesthesiologists and critical care physicians in the development of their advanced airway skills. In addition to full-time private practice, he has provided more than 100 presentations on topics ranging from resuscitation and airway management to complementary medicine since beginning a rigorous private practice in Anesthesiology in 1996. Aside from clinical practice, Dr. DuCanto has flourished as an inventor, having created a commercially available airway management simulation system (the Lifeform/Nasco SALAD Simulator) as well as the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter and the EM Innovations SEADUC. He created the SALAD technique through a collaboration with multiple Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and EMS professionals.  In 2018, Dr. DuCanto was invited to instruct at the difficult airway workshop at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and in 2019, he was invited to instruct at the Difficult Airway Workshop at the World Airway Management Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has a strong interest and commitment to EMS education and has recently become the Medical Director of the Mid-State Technical College’s EMS program.


David J. Olvera



Air Methods, Inc. - Director of Clinical Research, Research Department Chair

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-j-olvera/ 

Professional email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


David Olvera is a Nationally Registered Paramedic, Certified Flight Paramedic, and Certified Medical Transport Executiveserving as Director of Clinical Research and department chair for the research committee for AirMethods. He serves on the International Board of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics as well as the MedEvac Foundation International. In addition, he currently works as a subject matter expert with the Air Medical Journal, the 2016 Tim Hynes Award winner, and recently the 2017 ASTNA Jordan Award for excellence and significant contributions to prehospital medicine. He has been an item writer for National Registry and the Flight Paramedic Exam, a veteran combat Medic in the US Army, and has published multiple abstracts and papers related to prehospital airway management, resuscitation, and advancing air medical transport research.

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