Build-Your-Own Single Modules Bundle


Acid Base Blitz
Advanced Airway Management
Advanced Hemodynamics
CAMTS Guidelines
Endocrine, Hematology, Renal & Sepsis
Environmental - Toxicology
Flight Physiology
IABP Therapy Module
Neonatal Congenital Defects
Neurological Emergencies
Oxygenation Physiology
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics & Plasma Protein Binding
Respiratory | X-ray Blitz
Trauma Management

The Build-You-Own Single Modules Bundle is the perfect fit because it is custom-made by you! Whether you are brushing up on a tough subject, tackling your continuing education, or interested in something new you can personalize your own learning experience and SAVE 20% on your individualized bundle of 3, or more single modules.

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Dominating The Testing Environment
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The testing environment can be overwhelming and bring considerable anxiety to the testing candidate. Many times with unsuccessful testing, the candidate understands the material but is not a good test taker. This can be frustrating and lower one's confidence level. This lecture is meant to help you understand how the exam is written, with a focus on the core objectives and how to break down the question into identifiable chunks that allow you to identify the best answer choice. 

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