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FP-C & CFRN Certification Exam Review & Advanced Practice Update

SKU : BK102
Brand : FlightBridgeED, LLC.

Own the this industry leading book that boasts over 1500 copies sold annually via alone. This 2nd edition comprehensive review book encompasses a thorough OUTLINE and overview of critical care concepts pertaining to the CFRN, CCRN, CEN, FP-C, CCP-C advanced certification exams and gives the candidate an excellent overview of all critical care core topics covered on these certification exams. Our 2nd edition version is the most up to date manual on the market with new content and material based on exam changes, critical care medicine research and studies trending in the FOAMcc world.  Along with the lecture outlines, you will find practice exams questions that re-enforce each lecture with answers and rational for follow up and continued exam preparation. You will also find helpful, full color illustrations. These books are given to each student who participates in our FP-C / CFRN Exam Review Courses. These books have become popular among our students and provide a wealth of knowledge on their own.

210 Page Paperback, 2nd Edition

ISBN# 978-149216855

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