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A Blurb From Bruce

A Blurb from Bruce – A Reflection on Listening…



On a recent flight back to Connecticut, I had the opportunity to reflect a bit on listening.

I talk. A lot. It is rare the day that I, or anyone other healthy human, is deprived the gift of speech.  I realized my understanding of essential communication rested in the verbal.

Boy, did Mr. Larson (keep reading) have a lesson waiting for me…

As we cruised through 30,000 feet, I wrestled, tossed, mulled, chewed and analyzed a quote I recently read.  It’s by Doug Larson and it reads “wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk”.  As educators, mentors, leaders and consultants, we often spend more time speaking than we do listening; all done with the intention of imparting pearls of wisdom and sharing the experiences of the experienced.

Rachel Naomi Remen reminds us that “the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen; just listen – perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention”.  Research (1) demonstrates that an average of 45% of communication is spent listening, while only 30% is dedicated to speaking.  Mastering the ability to talk is great; but to effectively listen is a characteristic left only to those who choose to pursue it – a timely lesson for those of us that have the gift of gab….

Be well and stay safe out there!!




Bruce is a critical care registered nurse and paramedic who has worked in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland.  His clinical background includes the ICU, ER, Trauma, Cardiology and Flight.  His graduate degree is in Education.  He is happily married to Stephanie, after meeting her while working at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  They currently live in Connecticut with their daughter Ava Mae and their 160 lb. English Mastiff, Maggie.  In addition to being an active volunteer and officer with the Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc., Bruce enjoys professional gigs in clinical and distance medical education, advocacy, leadership, consultation and blogging.

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