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A Blurb From Bruce

A Blurb from Bruce – Let it Go – One Way to Have a Better Day


I recently had an experience with a co-worker who seemed “off”; distracted; consumed by something other than what he was supposed to be doing.  In typical fashion, I bit, queried and then listened.  He unpacked several latent issues that had been bothering him – some about his work, others about his personal life and still more about a recent hang up he had with another (not me) co-worker.  The last bit really got me thinking and I finally blurted out “dude, let it go”.  I kind of surprised myself – and probably more so, my poor co-worker.  I think he needed to hear it though – like, enough was enough.  Get over it, I thought to myself.  I likened his woeful issues to attempting to roller skate through wet cement.  It’s messy, difficult and irritating – a lot of expended effort for little reward.  This is exactly what holding onto things can do to you – keep you in the cement; bogged down with unnecessity!  I was grateful to be able to get to the bottom of this guy’s pent up and caged anger.  I was also a bit disheartened by the fact that he was carrying so much of this unnecessary burden.  How many of his patients suffered because of the weight?  How many of his co-workers were put “off” by his demeanor – causing them their own distraction from work.  Not good man.  Deal with it and make it better; or let it go!

Jack Kornfield once wrote:

“To let go does not mean to get rid of.”

“To let go means to let be.”

“When we let be with compassion, thigs come and go on their own”

Why is it so hard to let something go?  Whether it is a desire, a personality trait, a human quirk, a mistake, a good friend, a dying family member, a habit, a resentment, a relationship, a cherished piece of clothing, a lack of faith, a style of communication or a (fill in the blank)….the list goes on and on.

I found this historic, but relevant analogy helpful when thinking about the behavior involved in not being able to let something go.  Here it is:

“Tie a coconut to a tree, hollow it and put some rice in it.  The hole in the coconut should just be large enough for a monkey to put its hand in it.  The monkey will grasp the rice but meanwhile its hand has gotten so big, that it can’t pull it hand out anymore. But it wants to hold on to the rice no matter what and thus it remains captured.”

A conclusive comment by Havelock Ellis seems appropriate: “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”

Let it go – and have a better day –  you, your co-workers, your family and your patients!!

Be well and stay safe out there!!

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