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"A Minute With Mike" - SIMPLE

This is Part III of Lessons learned from Extreme Ownership Muster 002 held In NYC in early May 2017.

So far, we have covered the general concepts of the muster and the first of the 4 laws of combat. The first law, what Jocko and Leif call “Cover and Move” is translated loosely to removing silos and building relationships.  I hope you have 1. Ordered the NY best-selling book “Extreme Ownership” and you went and met with someone from another department in your organization to learn how you can better communicate and build or strengthen a relationship!

Law of Combat #2: Simple

As you can imagine, both Jocko and Leif gave an amazing example of this law as it relates to the battlefield.  

Paul Minors, who authored a summary of Extreme Ownership said it perfectly and I’ll quote him here:

“Simplifying as much as possible is crucial to success. When plans and orders are too complicated, people may not understand them. And when things go wrong, and they inevitably do go wrong, complexity compounds issues that can spiral out of control into total disaster. Plans and orders must be communicated in a manner that is simple, clear, and concise.

If your team doesn’t get it, you have not kept things simple and you have failed. You must brief to ensure the lowest common denominator on the team understands.”

How many times in your career have you had direction from you supervisor or upper management that was convoluted, TOO simple or seeming missing crucial information? Let’s take it a step further…if you were to look in the mirror right now, how many times have you done the same thing? If I told you to be in Portland next Tuesday and check into the Benson hotel. Seems simple enough. You’d likely get a plane ticket, arrive in Portland, grab an Uber and be waiting for me with a big smile on your face. What if then I got your bill and was irritated that you took the direct flight for $350.00 more? Instead of Uber X you took Uber Black and it was $40.00 more….instead of the 2 queen bed room you got a King suite?

Whose fault is that? You did exactly what I told you to do…get to Portland and get to the Benson. As a leader, I have to take ownership of that. I clearly did not explain EXACTLY what I needed from you….you on the other hand, did exactly what you were supposed to do based on the information I provided to you. How does the Law of Combat: Simple, apply to you in your daily life? Can you see how this can affect your life at home? The direction you give your significant other, spouse or kids?

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Until next time….Take Care.

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