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"A Minute with Mike" - Extreme Ownership!

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Over the last few days, I had the opportunity to learn about the laws of combat. At first blush, The laws of combat seemingly have no place in Fire/EMS/HEMS..... or do they? Echelon Front, a company founded by Retired U.S Navy SEALs Leif Babin and Jocko Willink recently held Muster 002 in New York City. The Muster had attendees from 12 countries and nearly every industry and we were there to learn about one thing... Leadership!

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to take some time and walk through each one of the 4 laws as described by these amazing gentleman.  In the most dangerous place in the world (at the time) the City of Ramadi, which is west of Baghdad, had become overrun by Al Quada fighters. A leak from a USMC brief had essentially called the situation "unwinnable."

Enter the SEALs.

The battle to gain control of the city was deadly. Constant IED, VBIED explosions, RPG attacks and constant fire-fights were a daily occurrence. The price was paid in blood. Jocko was the task unit "Bruiser" commander (because, as he described at the Muster, He wasn't a fan of the name "Bravo" and wasn't going to have it) and Leif was Charlie company platoon leader. In coordination with conventional US Forces, lead by the SEALs; were eventually able to gain control of the city.

I have left out a ton of details...on purpose. I want you to stop reading now and go to Amazon and order the book "Extreme Ownership". From the lessons learned on the battlefield, during the fight for Ramadi, the laws of combat and the concepts of “Extreme Ownership” were born.

Ok, cool...I hope you really did order it.

Here are the Laws Of Combat:

         1. Cover and Move

         2. Simple

         3. Prioritize and Execute

         4. Decentralized Command

How can or do these laws apply to us in Fire/EMS/HEMS? I want you to think about that and hit us up on Facebook. You are going to need to think outside the box for these. It's not intuitive.

If you are not familiar with Echelon Front, Look them up, find them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Look up the Jocko podcast on iTunes or google play. I have mentioned before on the SecondShift podcast and I will warn you again, its not easy to listen to. Some of the episodes describe the horror of war, the evil in man and the history of war.  It will also give you a taste of the man himself. A man who inspires leadership, accountability and discipline. A man who gets up at 0430 everyday to get after life.

He has inspired me to get better at everything by simply looking in the mirror and realizing discipline equals freedom.

I look forward to our next post.


Mike Verkest, A.A.S, FP-C, CCP-C, EMT-P
Senior Education Consultant | Instructor
FlightBridgeED, LLC | SecondShift Podcast
C: 971.334.9864
Find me on Twitter: @SecondShiftFBE

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