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A Blurb From Bruce

A Blurb from Bruce - Are We Connected?




With the onslaught of data, research, evidence based practice there seems to be one thing that WE are not addressing; and by WE I mean healthcare providers - nurse, paramedic, emergency medical technician, respiratory therapist, physician or medical assistant.  Are WE connecting with each other?  I know that we are connected to our patients.  I know that we are connected to the internet (most of the time).  I know that we are connected to our employers.  But what about each other?  Are we really connecting with each other?  I suppose I should stop using the word CONNECT, but I mean, come on already, WE need to get a handle on this.  WE tend to be so supportive and nice to our patients and their families, but when it comes to each other, it seems like we exchange the kind smile for the dagger stare of death.After thinking about such, I turned to the Institute of Healthy Visiting.  This organization is dominantly focused on assisting patient’s and families, however their model seems to provide really good guidance on how WE might connect with each other.  Let’s take a look at some of the salience found within this organization’s developmental tool for promoting compassionate resilience.Compassionate resilience is centered around self-compassion.  Sprouting from self compassion are six domains that support and assist “one” (you) in becoming more compassionately resilient.  Self compassion essentially recognizes six pillars of stability.  They are:
  • maintaining a work-life balance
  • identifying your values and strengths
  • plan for challenging situations
  • practice positive coping strategies
  • focus on things you can change
  • connect with a supportive person

In order to turn these ideals into realities, the Institute of Health Visiting, recommends embracing six domains, in sequential order, for the true realization of compassionate resilience, particularly as it concerns self-compassion.  Ironically, WE talk about many of these as if they are principled nebulae – existing is some other fantasized world.  FOLKS, wake up and smell (and drink) the coffee or cool aid; which ever satisfies your need (and yes WE ALL NEED IT).  The six steps are:

  1. Being in the now.
    1. We do this on a regular basis, lets keep it up
  2. Expressing vulnerability.
    1. Its actually way more liberating than one might rationalize or figure
  3. Forming supportive relationships.
    1. A drink, after a stressful shift, with a good friend…just saying
    2. How many of you read “drink” – and thought wine, or beer??! – not the best coping mechanism, but substitute as you will!!
  4. Foster hope.
    1. We know how to do this.  Proactive listening, positivity, teamwork, etc.
  5. Enhancing self-awareness.
    1. How well do you know yourself?  What do YOU actually believe?
  6. Developing acceptance.
    1. Ahhh, finally.We need to take care of each other; or else who will be there for ALL of us?  Let's start now; peer to peer, peer to leader, peer to supervisor, peer to student – whatever the role, whatever the relationship – perfect practice yields practice perfect.


Bruce Hoffman is a critical care nurse, paramedic and current graduate student.  He works as both a clinician and educator in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland, with background in the division of critical care (ICU, ER, Cardiology, and Flight).  He enjoys professional gigs in clinical and distance medical education, advocacy, leadership, consultation and blogging.  He is a frequent and national lecturer for a host of Emergency Medical Services and Critical Care continuing education programs. He remains a member of his hometown ambulance service where he has served in a variety of administrative and operational roles. In his spare time, Bruce enjoys spending time with his wife Stephanie as well as traveling, hiking and biking. 


Institute of Health Visiting. Developing Compassionate Resilience. Available at:


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