Exam Pass Guarantee

FlightBridgeED, LLC. guarantees that any student who has successfully attended their selected review course, made reasonable efforts in good faith to study all provided materials, and completed at least 1 (one) online practice exam at flightbridgeed.com will succeed in passing their advanced certification exam. If the preceding prescription for success was followed and a student is not successful in passing their advanced certification exam, the student should contact FlightBridgeED customer service. A student success mentor will be assigned to the student to help formulate an individual plan for self-study based on the results of the previous exam attempt, and will provide ongoing mentoring until the student successfully passes their advanced certification exam. The student is also entitled to choose another in-person review course* to attend at no cost** to the student. FlightBridgeED, LLC. maintains the sole right to change at will, or revoke this guarantee at any time with, or without notice.

* FlightBridgeED will make reasonable efforts to accommodate scheduling the student for 1 (one) remedial exam review course for every paid exam review course. Course selection is limited by availability, and FlightBridgeED does not make any guarantee of specific course location availability. FlightBridgeED maintains the sole right to refuse to reschedule a course, or admit a student to a course for any reason.

** Cost includes the price of course admission only. Any other costs except that of the price of course admission are hereby expressly the responsibility of the student. The student is responsible for arranging, and paying for their own travel, lodging, food, additional exam attempts, and (etc.).