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Elevating care. Empowering providers. Equipping ground and air medical EMS professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional critical care. Because you don’t get a second chance to save a life.™

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Anthony Falzone, one of many successful students who attended our course and then PASSED his Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exams, describes his experience with us. Interestingly, we didn’t ask Anthony to make this video for us; we stumbled upon it, and he was gracious enough to let us use it. This will give you insight into what you can expect from us and our commitment to you.
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Technology is making our world smaller and smaller. It’s also revolutionizing how we learn. Study for your advanced certification exam on your time, at your own pace. Get the #1 review course curriculum delivered via our new, cutting-edge learning management system.


Classroom-based courses are available all over the world with more being added everyday. Often, there is no substitute for hands-on learning. Checkout our up-to-date listing of available courses and signup for a review course, or one of our award-winning mechanical ventilator management courses.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation and FlightBridgeED, LLC Announce Strategic Alliance [Pretty Bay, Malta & Bowling Green, KY, USA] – The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation (CoROM) and FlightBridgeED, LLC are excited to announce a strategic alliance through a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This partnership…

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March 23, 2024 – FlightBridgeED, a leader in providing comprehensive, up-to-date online and live critical care education, and EZResus, your life saving resuscitation companion for critical minutes, are excited to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This alliance is set to transform the landscape of emergency medical education by integrating thepower of EZResus to navigate the complexities of…

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FAST24 - Initial main stage schedule released

We are thrilled to announce the early release of our main stage schedule for the upcoming FAST24 conference, taking place in the vibrant city of Wilmington, North Carolina, on June 10-12, 2024! We’ve gotten a lot of requests lately from folks asking about the release of the FAST24 main stage schedule. We understand; we are…

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FlightBridgeED - Beating The Odds - The Impact of LVADs in Critical Care Transport

In the dynamic landscape of cardiac care, Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs) stand out as a beacon of hope and innovation. For patients grappling with advanced heart failure, where traditional medications and lifestyle adjustments fall short, LVADs offer a lifeline, bridging the gap between illness and a chance at extended life. These sophisticated devices are…

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The realm of emergency medical services (EMS) is one of constant evolution, where professionals are continually called upon to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise. The transition from an EMT to a Critical Care Paramedic epitomizes this commitment to growth and excellence. This journey, enriched by mentorship and continuous learning, is both challenging and rewarding….

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FlightBridgeED Educators Join Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio- FlightBridgeED proudly announces the appointment of its esteemed educators, Ashley Bauer and Eric Bauer, as Adjunct Faculty at the prestigious Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the field of critical care transport medicine. The duo will be teaching the Hybrid Fundamentals of Critical Care…

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That training budget seems to get smaller every year, doesn’t it? Emerge LMS™ by FlightBridgeED® can provide a better education solution for your entire organization – medical, HR, OSHA, aviation & mechanical, leadership training, and more – all at a shockingly affordable price.

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