You have completed all the requirements to earn your IBSC 100-hour recertification certificate! This certificate entitles you to frustration-free recertification; just upload 1 certificate to the IBSC, and your recertification is done! Simple.

Your 100-hour IBSC recertification certificate includes 100 CE hours and your required review course, so there is no need to upload both. FlightBridgeED makes recertification simple and flexible.

Please click the “START COURSE” button below to complete the post-course survey and claim your review course recertification certificate.

YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS PROCESS FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE TO BE GENERATED! You will have immediate access to download your certificate once you are finished, and your certificate will be simultaneously sent to you via email. Check your spam folder if you are having trouble locating your emailed certificate. Additionally, once you have completed the CE submission process, you can also find your certificate in the MY CERTIFICATES area.

Thank you, and stay safe out there!