As we built the FP-C, CCP-C, CTRN, and CFRN Advanced Concepts in Critical Care course, we focused on content development that flowed through concepts smoothly. We understand that many topics are heavy and need building blocks set correctly, so the foundation is set for future concepts. With that in mind, the course was built on the concept called “chunking.” For this reason, we feel like the course flows correctly, and the best success for each student will be based on moving in a linear fashion. 

The FlightBridgeED Team spent hundreds of hours making sure that your course progress was transferred from Canvas to the new Emerge LMS correctly. Canvas had a few differences and allowed the user to jump around in the course as they wanted. As such, you will see that your progress has been transferred, and you may have areas of the course that show complete and other areas that don’t show complete. When you log in the first time, you will see that the course will require you to start at the highest point in the course that is incomplete and move linearly from top to bottom.