CCP-C Practice Exam Simulation™ (2023 Update)

Critical Care Paramedic – Certified Exam Simulation™ Study Tool


To review the results of your exam, you can click the VIEW QUESTIONS button after your score is calculated, or you can check your results by clicking on MY LEARNING -> MY ACTIVITY RESULTS, or click the button below:


The FlightBridgeED staff has designed this exam to be a close approximation of the actual CCP-C® exam using the same parameters as outlined by the governing bodies of the exam.

Important Information – Read before beginning your practice exam

Each attempt is a single, timed event consisting of 125 questions generated from several categorized question pools in a pre-defined ratio based on the structure of the CCP-C® exam. After the exam has been completed, it will be scored, and the rationale provided for each question (click “View Questions” on your results page to review your answers and the rationale). A score of 72% is required to pass the practice exam.


To simulate the conditions of the actual exam as closely as possible, this exam is timed. You have 2.5 hours to complete this exam. ONCE YOU START THE EXAM, YOU CAN NOT PAUSE AND RESTART AT A LATER TIME.


You have 4 attempts at this exam. Passing or failing the exam does not entitle you to more exam attempts. These practice exams are designed to familiarize you with the exam process and the types of questions seen on the exam in just the right balance.

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